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9.7 Combustion

Aim: to achieve a basic understanding of combustion processes, both homogeneous and heterogeneous (e.g. flames of various types, coal combustion, metal combustion).

Topic explanation and teaching suggestions: High temperature thermodynamics and kinetics are invaluable tools to understand and model the complex chemical phenomena occurring in flames and combustion processes, and in particular to predict parameters and features essential for the evaluation of combustion systems such as equilibrium product temperature and composition, explosion limits, oxidation mechanisms. As a basic example, calculation of the adiabatic temperature for several types of flames can be shown together with their energetics. Coal combustion and gasification are of enormous importance in energy production systems. It is important to understand how to improve the efficiency of the process and how to control emissions of dangerous pollutants. The impact of the modelling of combustion on some urgent technological problems such as better utilization of fuels and pollutant production could be discussed. A sample calculation of equilibrium combustion of a hydrocarbon in air may be illustrated. Other examples of flame chemistry may be given as well.

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