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Mats Hillert, “Phase equilibria, phase diagrams, and phase transformations: their thermodynamic basisCambridge University Press, 1998

M.Barsoum, “Fundamentals of ceramics” McGraw-Hill, 1997, 668pp

The SGTE Casebook – “Thermodynamics at work” Edited by K.Hack The Institute of Materials, London, 1996

Purpose of the book is to illustrate how thermodynamic calculations can be used as a basic tool in the development and optimization of materials and processes of many types

J.J Moore ., H.J., Feng Combustion synthesis of advanced materials; Part I. Reaction parameters” in Progress in Materials Science Vol.39, 1995, pp 243-273, Pergamon; Part II.Classification, applications and modelling, ibidem pp. 275-316

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, N.A Gokcen ., R.G Reddy, ., “Thermodynamics” 2nd edition, Plenum Press, New York, 1996 pp 400, with floppy disk for chemical equilibrium calculations

A textbook of classical thermodynamics in 16 chapters plus 6 appendices with emphasis on the application of thermodynamics to chemical, materials and metallurgical problems. It is intended for students and specialists in materials sciences, metallurgical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry and related fields. It contains also a thermodynamic database for inorganic compounds

V.L.Stolyarova, G.A. Semenov, "Mass Spectrometric Study of the Vaporization of Oxide Systems", Wiley, Chichester/ U.K., 1994, 434pp

An invaluable book collecting in eight chapters various aspects, fundamental and applications, of vaporization thermodynamics of oxide systems …..

O. Kubaschewski, C.B.Alcock, P.J.Spencer, "Materials Thermochemistry", 6th edition revised from "Metallurgical Thermochemistry", Pergamon Press, Oxford/New York, 1993, 363pp


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