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This volume in its latest revised and updated edition ( warning, it contains many typographical and other types of errors!) is a classic and excellent book dealing with applications ( practical ) of thermochemistry to the optimization of materials and materials processes. It contains many examples and problems and useful tables of thermochemical data

Hugh O.Pierson, “Handbook of carbon, graphite, diamond and fullerenes- Properties, processing and applications”, Noyes Publications, Park Ridge, NJ, 1993

A review in fifteen chapters of the science and technology of the element carbon and its allotropes. There is a good deal of high-temperature chemistry of carbon in its various forms.

C.N.R.Rao, Editor, “Chemistry of advanced materials”, A ‘Chemistry for the 21st century’ monograpph, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford,tec., 1993, 388 pp.

R.J.Borg and G.J.Dienes, “The physical chemistry of solids”, Academic Press, San Diego etc., 1992, 584 pp.

A.Fontijn, editor, "Gas-Phase Metal Reactions", North-Holland, 1992, 700pp

D. Porter and K Easterling, “Phase transformation s in metals and alloys”, 2nd Chapman & Hall 1992


R.W.Cahn, P.Haasen, E.J.Kramer,editors, “Materials Science and Technology – A comprehensive treatment” in 18 Vols. See topics in Vols. 5 and 11

Vol.5 “Phase transformations in materials”, edited by P. Haasen, VCH, Weinheim, 1991 in 10 chapters. Particularly useful is Ch. 1: “Thermodynamics and phase diagrams of materials” Vol.11, “Structure and properties of ceramics” edited by M. Swan, VCH, Weinheim,1994. Useful is Chap. 10 (High-temperature engineering ceramics)

T.Ya.Kosolapova, editor “Handbook of high temperature compounds: properties, production, applicationsTaylor&Francis 1990, 958 pp.

Z.A.Munir, J.B.Holt, editors, "Combustion and Plasma Synthesis of High-Temperature Materials", VCH, New York/Weinheim/Basel/Cambridge, 1990, 501 pp


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