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A volume contributed by an international group of experts (originating from a meeting held in San Francisco, October 1988), It reports in detail on various aspects of current research and development activity in combustion and plasma synthesis of high temperature materials

John W.Hastie, editor, "Materials Chemistry at High Temperatures", 2 Vols. A selection of papers based on the Proceedings of IUPAC Sixth International Conference on High Temperature-Chemistry of Inorganic Materials, Humana Press, Clifton, NJ, USA, 1990

  • T.

    J. Quinn, “Temperature” 2nd edition, Academic Press, London 1990 A comprehensive treatment of the principles of temperature measurement over the range 0.5 to 3000 K

  • M.

    G.Hocking, V.Vasantasree & P.S/.Sidky, "Metallic & Ceramic Coatings: Production, High

Temperature Properties & Applications", Longman Scientific & Technical (John Wiley), New York etc., 1989, 670pp

  • J.

    D.Gilchrist, “Extraction Metallurgy”, Pergamon Press, 3rd edition, 1989,431 pp

  • H.

    V. Boenig, "Fundamentals of Plasma Chemistry and Technology", Technomic Publishing Co,

Lancaster, 1988, pp. 413

Per Kofstad, "High Temperature Corrosion", Elsevier Applied Science, London/New York, 1988, 558pp

Aim of this classical book is to survey the main aspects and mechanisms of gas- metal reactions at high temperature. Descriptions and treatments of the principles of the various corrosion phenomena are emphasised. A book of value to those who are (or will be ) engaged in materials science, metallurgy, corrosion and high temperature materials and technology. Particularly useful material of chapter 1 and parts of chapters 5,6,10,11,13,14

E.Bullock, editor, "Research and Development of High Temperature Materials for Industry", CEC-JRC Petten-The Netherland (Elsevier Applied Science), New York/London,1989, 680pp

The book reports a study carried out by J.R.C. Petten, The Netherlands and reviews materials requirements in high temperature technologies at the time. It identifies the priorities for research and development in the short-term future (approximately ten years) of structural materials operating in major high temperature technologies


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