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This book in eight chapters seems particularly adequate for use in teaching equilibria in ceramic systems at undergraduate level. It enables the student to move into highly specialised textbooks or treatises in the subject.

C.G.Bergeron, S.H.Risbud, "Introduction to Phase Equilibria in Ceramics", The American Ceramic Society, Columbus, Ohio, 1984,pp. 158

A textbook in eight chapters plus four appendices shaped to serve the needs of an introductory

E.Lang, editor, "Coatings for High Temperatures Applications" Applied Science Publishers, London, 1983, xxxpp

O. van der Biest, editor, "Analysis of High Temperature Materials" Applied Science Publishers, London, 1983, xxxpp

The book contains the lectures of a course organised by the Commission of the European Communities, J.R.C. Petten, The Netherlands. It is aimed at the analytical techniques appropriate to the study of high temperature materials, and particular examples of this type are given, although generally applicable to metallic and ceramic materials

Lupis, C.H.P. Chemical thermodynamics of materials”, North Holland New York/Amsterdam/Oxford, 1983. pp581, with 5 appendices

A book written for graduate students and senior students in metallurgy and materials science who have had previous introductory courses in thermodynamics, useful also to professional metallurgists, chemists and chemical engineers. Most applications in the text are for metals and alloys

T.Rosenqvist, Principles of Extraction Metallurgy”, McGraw-Hill Boopk Co., 2nd edition, 1983, 503 pp

  • D.

    R.F.West, “Ternary equilibrium phase diagrams”, Chapman-Hall, 1982

  • U.

    R.Evans, An Introduction to Metallic Corrosion, Edward Arnold, 3rd edition,1981

  • H.

    Schmalzried,"Solid State Reactions", 2nd edition

Verlag Chemie, Weinheim, 1981, 254 pp This “classic“ monograph in nine chapters provides a quantitative understanding of solid state reactions.


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