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H.A.J.Oonk, „Phase theory-The thermodynamics of heterogeneous equilibriaElsevier, Amsterdam 1981

Thermodynamic principles of heterogeneous equilibria, in particular the relation between phase diagrams and Gibbs energy

V.Guttmann, editor, „Phase stability in high temperature alloysApplied Science Publishers, London, 1981, 154 pp

The book contains the lectures of a course organised by the Commission of the European Communities, J.R.C. Petten, The Netherlands. It presents in five chapters a summary of the relevant theoretical and practical aspects of metal structures with emphasis on their possible changes during service. The fundamental thermodynamic aspects and computational techniques of phase diagrams are dealt with.

T.I.Barry, editor, "The Industrial Use of Thermochemical Data" The Chemical Society Special Publ. No. 34, London, 1980, 427pp

B.W. Rossiter, editor, "Chemical Experimentation Under Extreme Conditions", Vol IX of Techniques of Chemistry, Wiley, New York/Chichester/Brisbane/Toronto, 1980, 369 pp

Relevant to the scope is chapter 6: "High Temperature Techniques", J.L.Margrave and R.Hauge, (pp 277-360) where the topics of generation, measurement and utilization of high temperatures are reported in detail

K.J.Klabunde,"Chemistry of Free Atoms and Particles" Academic Press,New York, 1980, pp. 238

A book in ten chapters dealing with the chemistry of reactive species (atoms and molecules) .Although these reactive species are generated at high temperatures, so the chemistry investigated is that of high-temperature species, however the reaction chemistry is usually studied at low or extremely low temperature.

E.T.Turkdogan, "Physical Chemistry of High Temperature Technology" Academic Press, New York/London/Toronto.Sydney/San Francisco, 1980,447 pp

A book in two parts, fundamentals and applications, and ten chapters which present in compact and comprehensive form topics of the physical chemistry of materials and systems at elevated temperatures and pressures


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