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to be added : The series of monographs Special Issues of the IAEA ‘s Atomic Energy Review edited by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, starting from 1966 dealing with the physico-chemical properties of compounds and alloys of nuclear interest. For the Actinides: “The chemical thermodynamics of actinide elements and compounds

  • Part 6: The Actinide carbides”, IAEA, Vienna, 1984

A useful journal article summarizing the use of tabulated thermochemical data is: Nathan Jacobson, “Use of tabulated thermochemical data for pure compounds” J.Chem.Ed. 78 (2001) 814 and refs cited therein

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Some Phase Diagrams Compilations

Phase Equilibria Diagrams- Phase Diagrams for Ceramists, Vol I(1964)---> Vol XIII ( 2001 ) The American Ceramic Society, Columbus/Westerville,OH For others check on the American Ceramic Society Web-site: www.ceramics.org

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T.B.Massalski et al. editors, Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams, (3-Volume set) ASM International, Materials Park,OH, 2nd edition,1990. See also a version od this second edition plus updates on CD- ROM


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