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Journals specially dedicated to high temperature science

Among major literature sources for high temperature chemistry and physics we cite the following:

High Temperature “, english translation from russian of Teplofiz. Vysok. Temp. ( 1963


“High Temperature Science

, subsequently “High Temperature and Materials Science,”

Humana Press, USA (19691997, discontinued)

High Temperature – High Pressure”, Pion, UK (1969)

H i g h T e m p e r a t u r e T e c h n o l o g y , s u b s e q u e n t l y M a t e r i a l s a t H i g h T e m p e r a t u r e Science Reviews,UK ,

(1982) Bibliography on the High Temperature Chemistry and Physics of Materials”, IUPAC sponsored project, M.G.Hocking (ed.), contributed from various scientists ( now discontinued )

High temperature materials articles dealing with high temperature thermodynamics, phase equilibria, production and properties (thermodynamic, kinetic and and spectroscopic) of high temperature molecules, synthesis of materials by high temperature processes and properties and reactivity of these materials,combustion processes etc. were and are regularly published in many other journals and publications, e.g., without claiming completeness:

Journal of Electrochemical Society, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry A and B, Bulletin of Alloys Phase Diagrams (now Journal of Phase Equilibria), Journal Materials Research, MRS Bulletin, Combustion and Flame, Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, Carbon, Journal Alloys and Compounds, Intermetallics, CALPHAD, Metallurgical Transactions A,B, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Journal Materials Science and Materials Science Letters, Advanced Materials-Chemical Vapor Deposition.


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