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HTMC, educational needs for preparing young scientists are relatively neglected. Indeed, as emerged from an inquiry of a Preliminary Survey Team (PST 16) promoted in the past by IUPAC Inorganic Chemistry Division Commission II.3, it seems generally difficult to introduce formal lecture courses entirely dedicated to HTMC into overcrowded university curricula in inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and materials science. Therefore, efforts should be encouraged to insert at least a number of selected topics of HTMC into other, perhaps elective, courses. The selection of topics presented here and their organization reflects in large part the actual experience of the project task group chair, who has for very many years given lecture courses on High Temperature Physical Chemistry to chemistry and industrial chemistry students with curricula oriented to materials chemistry (typically of 6th to 9th semester) at the University of Rome La Sapienza. The following list of topics is organized in eight sections. Section 2 to 8 cover the “classical” corpus of topics of high temperature chemistry dealing with high temperature reactivity, based essentially on equilibrium thermodynamics, thermodynamic data for pure substances in vapour and solid phases, and their use in various materials problems. The last section presents a number of more specific topics, mostly concerning technological applications of high temperature materials and processes. Because of their interdisciplinary nature and somewhat higher level of presentation, the study of these additional topics may need, or benefit from, a prerequisite knowledge of basic aspects of solid state chemistry and physics, surface properties, etc. This report is intended to help teachers select the most appropriate topics to be taught in a given course.


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