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Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 12, No.2, 2010) - page 13 / 17





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Lastly, we have the use of obsolete equipment, forming about 1.8% of bases for the collapse. This was a result of poor funding and the inability of the financiers of these industries to obtain import licenses in the 80s to import spare parts.

One noticeable fact is that most of the industries in Kwara State, apart from Government owned, were located in various locations on the basis of entrepreneurial decisions. This was borne out of the desire of ‘home boys’ to develop their communities, in particular, and Kwara State, in general. For example, Oro Bicycle Industry, owned by private, prominent Oro business men, was located in Oro, while its source of raw materials was located in Republic of Korea and China and its major market is in Lagos. Similarly, Global Soap and Detergent Industry (Ilorin) derived none of its raw materials in Ilorin and it has its major markets in Lagos, Kano, Port Hacourt, and Ibadan, among others. However, this industry, though solely owned by an individual, is waxing strong. In fact, it has established other subsidiaries in the state capital. The same could also be said of the Paper Converter Industry and Demosco Industry in Erinile. These situations affect the success of these industries negatively at the coming of Economic recession.

IMPLICATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The concept of sustainable development has a complex pedigree (Olawepo, 2004). There have been different definitions of what could be termed as sustainable development. The basic implication of the concept of sustainable, as embraced by the Brunt commission and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), is that such development (whether rural or urban) will entail that we should leave to the next generation: a stock of “quality of life” assets no less than those which we have inherited.

Sustainable development, therefore, means either that the per capital utility or well being is increasing overtime with free exchange, or substitutions between the natural and manmade capital or well being is increasing, subject to non declining natural wealth (Holberg & Sambrook, 1992).

The exercise of industrial development, therefore, is to improve the living standard of an existing environment to the extent that the coming generation will benefit from it. For the fact that majority of the industries in Kwara State have collapsed and are still collapsing means that Kwara State is denied the opportunity which could have been beneficial to the society. Apart from this, it shows that the atmosphere has not been conducive for efficient development of industries. Some of the problems


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