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Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 12, No.2, 2010) - page 15 / 17





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Extension and development of Agricultural fields and expanded farm and dairy projects at Sharagi.

These and more spatial development tares are supposed to move the state forward and could be measured spatially as affecting the public. The question still remains: Do these dividends exist in Kwara State? If yes, how can they support continuity in industrial development? The main focus of dividends of democracy is to make life conducive for effective living. This is also seen in improving

marketability of industrial goods, as well as enhancing sustainability implications can be backed up with appropriate measures. This may include,

of industries. among others:


  • (a)

    Encouraging industries to source local raw materials, taking into consideration best conservation practice and prevention of resource depletion, without compromising the environment.

  • (b)

    Ensuring optimal utilization of common services by industries that produce similar effluents.

  • (c)

    Establishing industrial layouts to encourage the optimal utilization of shared facilities and preventing industries from being sited close to ecological sensitive and fragile area.

  • (d)

    Inviting industrialists for possible investment in Kwara state through provision of incentives to industries.

  • (e)

    Creating enabling environments through the development of social infrastructures and marketing facilities.

  • (f)

    Re-Investment in the demised industries through public and private participation

  • (g)

    Creation of industrial loan boards and capital market reactivation to give long-term loans and advancements.

  • (h)

    Opening up Kwara state through the development and rehabilitation of state and federal government roads.


This work examined the development and the demise of industries in Kwara state in the last two decades, with a view to identify the causes and the implications arising from such negative trend. Kwara State may be perceived as being a dry and a civil service state. The positive involvement of the public and the government in new industrialization movement, as well as focusing on dividends of democracy, will create an enabling industrial environment. The state government could go further in addressing the issue of increasing poverty, coupled with declining standard of living of the


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