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Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 12, No.2, 2010) - page 16 / 17





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people and empowerment. This is because investment in the industries can only become viable after individuals basic needs of life have been fulfilled.

This study, through a field survey, discovered that over the years, there have been incessant problems leading to ‘death beds’ of manufacturing industries through out the state. Many big industries existed in the past, and many more are still being built. There is, therefore, the need to sustain the existing industries and the newly built ones arising from the new dividends of democracy. Harsh, but ‘could be made buoyant’, industrial environment that quickened the demise of these industries could be improved upon.

In view of the observed trend, this study recommends a visitation of the state policy on industrial development through a round table of stakeholders. This will help to review the state of industrial development. Similarly, further incentives should be given to industrialists, especially the state indigenes, to woo them into the state for industrial development. Funding future industries could be encouraged through public private partnership (PPP) involving the public, multi-national companies, and non-governmental organizations.


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