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Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 12, No.2, 2010) - page 6 / 17





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which, altogether, give the state a strong commercial base for prospective investors (Kwara State Diary, 2002).

METHODOLOGY The study areas of this work are the industries located in the state, including the functional and demised industries. This work employs the use of both primary and secondary information in gathering data. The primary sources of information comprised a written interview in form of questionnaire consisting of questions, which are of particular importance to this research work. Apart from this, the authors visited the sites of these industries, asking questions that are of relative importance to this work, using the personal interview approach. In order to find out the factors that led to the demise of these industries, questionnaires were distributed to 240 carefully selected industrialists in the state, especially those living very close to these industries. 30% of these people were those that had held management positions in these industries, 20% had been or their family members were owners, 30% were those who worked in the ministry of commerce and industries and who knew the industries, while the remaining 20% worked in some of these industries in the past.

Secondary source of information was also used.

This includes data obtained from textbooks,

journals, magazines, and governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO). included were published information about existing and demised industries that were Alma industries and management consultants located in Ilorin.

Other sources obtained from

DISCUSSION Industrial development in Kwara state In different regions of the world, with particular reference to the developing countries with a sizeable population size, industrialization has become a global phenomenon and hence synonymous with modernization. With the creation of Kwara State in 1967, alongside some other states in the federation, the gates of the states was, then, thrown open for various investors to come in and set up industries of different types and grades.

The establishment of these industries were met with approval and renewed hope by the people of Kwara and the entire nation at large as these industries employed a large chunk of the people, thereby improving the standard of living of the people. It also served as a source of exports to other countries of the world. These industries also helped in the provision of infrastructures in the state


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