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October 2009

Brazoria County Investigators Seeking 2006 Killer

Shooter’s Car Sped By Firing Into Their Car

By Marie Beth Jones

here does an investigator go to find the person responsible for a murder when the victim appears to have no enemies and no one who has a motive? W

This is the case in the drive-by shooting death of Willie Arthur Wallace III, 22, of Houston, who died about 3:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, 2009, on a road in north Brazoria County.

Accused "Baby Grace" Killer Trial Starts Oct. 19th

A s Kimberly Dawn Trenor sits in aTexas prison cell, convict- ed for her part in the mur- der of her own daughter, 2- year old Riley Ann Sawyers, known worldwide as Baby Grace, her husband Royce Clyde Zeigler prepares to face his jury October 19th in a Galveston courtroom.

Riley's body was kept in a

Baby Grace

Royce Clyde Zeigler

That investigation is continuing, with officers seeking leads. Anyone who has knowledge about it is urged to call the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-460-2222.

container in a storage shed at their home until September 2007, when Trenor and Zeigler drove to Galveston early one morning. They threw the container, which had partially been filled with cement, into the bay a day after they had unsuccessfully tried to bury it in a wooded area north of their home.




death, Wallace





Willie Arthur Wallace III

club off Houston's Main Street, where he was dis- tributing pamphlets about events planned at his Houston area club for the following weekend. While there he saw a friend, 22-year-old Brandon Buckner. Wallace offered him a ride home, and the two men left the club in Wallace’s car, a blue Saturn four-door. They stopped at a Whataburger in Sil- ver Lake, where they picked up food, then continued on toward Buckner’s residence, off County Road 94 in northern Brazoria County . After they drove about a quarter mile on CR-94, Wallace glanced in his rear-view mirror and commented that a car was com- ing up fast on their passenger side.

Brazoria County...Cont. on pg 3

But the container did not sink and a fisherman found the baby's decomposing body October 29, 2007 on a tiny island about a mile from shore.

Authorities named her "Baby Grace" before appeals on the national media brought her true identity from her grandmother who saw a composite drawing of her on television.

Trenor was found guilty last year of capital murder and sentenced to life-without-

parole. See more on page 13

SWAT Action

A G a l v e s t o n p o l i c e S W A T t e a m a d - v a n c e s d o w n a c i t y s t r e e t d u r i n g a t r a i n i n g e x e r c i s e i n v o l v i n g S W A T and Hostage Negotiator teams.

The following week they were called out for a real-life event in which three persons died when a man shot his girlfriend and her daughter to death then killed himself. See story/photos page 11


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