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Mailbo ...Cont.from pg 4

I live on Pearson Rd, people travel at a high rate of speed all the time, espe- cially at night. I am sorry for the lost to the families, I wish there was a way to prevent such things from happening.

Posted by Sadeyes at 9/8/2009 11:54:50 AM

I am also a part of Brian’s family and Justin’s. Brian was my brother-in-law on my husband’s side and Justin is my cousin on my side of the family. God bless you Tabbi for for the comment you made above. Just for the record, I have been to see the car and seatbelts wouldn’t have even saved these boys. As a matter of fact, if Justin wouldn’t have been ejected from the car, he would have died from the impact in the flood ditch. I wear my seat belt whevever I go, and my kids do too. We can’t always be there when our kids decide to make wrong decisions, but we can be there for the family when something occurs. For those who were there that morning to help Brian and Justin, my blessings go out to you! I live on a dead end street and people fly up and down here all the time, it is heartbreaking, but all we can do is pray for their safety in the decisions they make. Maybe this tragic accident will help save someone else’s child. Bri- an was a good man...Supported Katrina and the baby, had their baby dedicated in church, and was very loving and kind to others. Justin is in surgery as I am writing this, and God be with him as he knows nothing that has happened yet. This will be something Justin will have to live with the rest of his life. Justin is also a good guy and would help anyone in need. We don’t have the answers why these things happen, but as humans, we should have the decency and respect to pray for these families as they come to- gether in their tragedies.

Posted by Tracy Braddock at 9/8/2009 3:46:54 PM

Brian is my uncle and a great one at that it sucks to have lost him like this and he is and will always be missed so as for your little comment about the young people and no seatbelts you need to realize who reads this and have a little more respect for people i love my uncle brian and really wish this wouldnt have happend to such a wonderful person we appreciate everyones prayers for katrina and casey they really do need them

Posted by emily at 9/8/2009 9:34:41 PM

Brian is my brother, I hugged his neck that night before he left our house. I had no idea that would be our last hug. And to who wrote about some family mem- ber seeing these comments someday...

Page  - The Police News

you are right, his 6 month old son will someday search his fathers name and find these. By then he may or may not be old enough or healed enough to have to endure some of your comments. Please have our families hearts in mind before typing and sending these. Whether mis- takes were made or not... a life was lost, we are helpless with no way to fix this. He is our brother, our son, our husband, our father, our nephew, our cousin, our best friend. And he was a good boy. He was the baby, and he was always the good boy. We were always proud of him and always will be. We actually looked up to our baby brother. How many of you have made mistakes that you were lucky to have lived through??? Why don’t you thank God that you did and pray for those who didn’t. Brian, I love you so much Bubba. See you on the flip side. X’s & O’s

L. Alexandria Yudizky

Police News reporter Jamie Nash re- ported the story of a 3-year old girl attacked and mauled by a Pit Bulldog near Porter in East Montgomery Coun- ty. That story generated these remarks on the Police News website.

The dogs’ owner should be killed! Posted by Kathy Maddox at 9/10/2009 4:51:20 PM

I would have stayed there until I could secure a warrant and take the other dogs too.

No normal mentality person has these dogs for family pets, they are most like- ly guard dogs for dope. Not knowing where this is I can’t speculate if that was the case but in my 25 years experience not one single event involving pit bulls was to the contrary. Posted by Lee at 9/10/2009 4:56:30 PM

Are you even sure it was a pit bull? Most people can’t properly identify what is or isn’t a pit bull.

Also, what were the conditions that the dog was being kept in, and why was a 3-year old child left unsupervised with ANY dog???

Posted by Rachael at 9/10/2009 5:14:27 PM

I know those dogs and they get out all the time.

They are very visous dogs someone really needs to do something about them. The dog that mauled that baby is the one the tried to get my sister on her own front porch.

Posted by margie at 9/10/2009 8:45:27 PM

What is the fascination with these sharks with fur?

Posted by Blago at 9/10/2009 11:17:34 PM

Of course the man would refuse to turn over his PIT BULL BREEDING OPERATION! Chained up pit bulls and a backyard breeding game, it’s hard to imagine a more DANGEROUS situa- tion for a small child. Both the owner of the dog and the aunt should be sent to a Texas prison to rot! MEANWHILE, the rest of this little girl’s life has been PERMANENTLY damaged by this ter- rible attack.

Posted by RonnyG

First of all it is the owner that should be blamed. Pit bulls are just dogs like any other. I have had mine for years and never had a problem. They are even more sweet then the other dogs I’ve had. It is all about how they are raised. Look at Doberman’s. They get very mean and so do chows. Only reason people use pits to fight is because they have jaws that lock but so do rotts. It is the people that treat them bad and make them mean that should be shot.

Posted by stacy

The fascination with them is that they are very beautiful and loving dogs. If you do not know that then you should get educated on them. You might see thet you would love to have one your self. Most of them love people and make great pets. Mine was raised with my 3 kids and are more of a baby then my kids. However I also have a small dog that is mean as hell. And you never leave any 3 year old alone anywhere with or without animals.

Posted by stacy

Owning a PIT BULL should again’st the lAW... Posted by tbauer

LoL @ Lee ...... guard dogs for dope huh ??

Right because every owner of an

APBT are all thugs and Low lifes. Thats why APBT are used as Therapy dogs... Police Dogs.. Search n Rescue dogs because they are only used to protect

dope... lol U humor me

“ Pit Bull Haters “ u are all the same . Small Minded / Ignorant people who instead of doing research u believe ev- erything u hear on the news. Woodrow wilson, Theo Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Humprey Bogart, Madonna, Pink, Racheal Ray, Brad pitt, Orlando Bloom, Jess Beil and Alba, Inventor Thomas Edison ewww.... these are all such hor- rible people. Aren’t they ?? Thugs and Low lifes. Let me ask u something “ Pit “ haters?? Do u ever hear about a “ Pit bull “ attack at the UKC shows?? Or even the Staffordshire attack at the AKC ?? NO !! U know why - these are

responsible people who own and Train these Wonderful dogs.APBT can be trained just like any other dog - faster than many actually . U don’t see Col- lies as Therapy dogs .... u don’t even see Poodles as therapy dogs.... they are sup- pose 2 be the Smartest !!!

and to Margie - it is “ Vicious “ Sorry 2 hear about ur baby - but “ WHY “ , why was that dog on ur front porch ?? Was it loose ?? Where is it’s owners?? see u Blame the dog for what the Owners DON’T DO !

Killing all 24 breeds of dogs that are Misidentifed as an APBT will not solve anything . It will just kill Millions of Innoscent dogs. I say we educate the people.

Every APBT owner should take In- tense classes- not just 4 the dog but 4 the owner.

Every APBT should be fixed - only unless a TAXED and Reputable Breed- er.

Every APBT should live inside the house - No Chaining. No 5ft Cahin Link fences

Ur way still ends in Death, Mine ends w/ Education !!!! Let’s try my way 1st.....

Posted by MzTx

Whether you call them pit bulls, American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Ter- riers, or whatever... they’re all of the same ilk and prone to being bipolar and attacking without provocation. Note: these bully breed lovers try to make these dogs seem fluffy and cuddly by referring to them as “Staffies” and “AmStaffs”.

Posted by Marcus

Dr ve ...Cont. from pg 3

Arizona refusal rate has dropped from around 20% to 8-9%. Arizona is consid- ered to be one of the toughest states on DUI prosecution, and the ongoing prac- tice of drawing blood on the field is just one technique Arizona uses that is being copied nationally.

This program is not like the “no refusal weekends,” where suspects are taken to a trailer to get court-ordered blood tests from a medical professional. Here po- lice officers are trained as phlebotomists and certified to draw blood. They cer- tified phlebotomists can be dispatched to wherever a officer has a suspected drunk driver stopped and take the blood sample on the spot.

Logistically there are several ways these trained officers may be deployed or stationed to make them accessible to other officers in the field.

Proponents say it will prevent a lot of traffic through hospital emergency rooms which are needed for the treat- ment of people and not for drawing

Dr ve ..Cont. on pg 15

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