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Insurance. The Artist shall not begin any work under this Agreement until the Artist

has: (a) obtained, and upon the City's request provided to the City, insurance certificates reflecting evidence of all insurance required in below; however, the City reserves the right to request, and the Artist shall submit, copies of any policy upon reasonable request by the City; (b) obtained City approval of each insurance company or companies; and (c) confirmed that all policies contain the specific provisions required below. The Artist’s liabilities, including but not limited to the Artist’s indemnity obligations, under this Agreement, shall not be deemed limited in any way to the insurance coverage required herein. Maintenance of specified insurance coverage is a material element of this Agreement and the Artist’s failure to maintain or renew coverage or to provide evidence of renewal during the term of this Agreement may be treated as a material breach of contract by the City. The Artist shall not modify any policy or endorsement thereto which increases the City's exposure to loss

for the duration of this Agreement.

4.3.1 Types of Insurance. At all times during the term of this Agreement, the Artist shall maintain insurance coverage as follows:

Commercial General Liability. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance written on an ISO Occurrence form CG 00 01 07 98 or an equivalent form providing coverage at least as broad which shall cover liability arising from any and all personal injury or property damage in the amount of $ 1 million per occurrence and subject to an annual aggregate of $2 million. There shall be no endorsement or modification of the CGL limiting the scope of coverage for either insured vs. insured claims or contractual liability. All defense costs shall be outside the limits of the policy.

Commercial Automobile Liability. For all of the Artist's automobiles including owned, hired and non-owned automobiles, the Artist shall keep in full force and effect, automobile insurance written on an ISO form CA 00 01 12 90 or a later version of this form or an equivalent form providing coverage at least as broad for bodily injury and property damage for a combined single limit of $1 million per occurrence. Insurance certificate shall reflect coverage for any automobile (any auto).

Worker’s Compensation. For all of the Artist's employees who are subject to this Agreement and to the extent required by the applicable state or federal law, the Artist shall keep in full force and effect, a Worker’s Compensation policy. That policy shall provide a minimum of $1 million of employers' liability coverage, and the Artist shall provide an endorsement that the insurer waives the right of subrogation against the City and its respective elected officials, officers, employees, agents and representatives.


Deductibles. All deductibles on any policy shall be the responsibility of the Artist and

shall be disclosed to the City at the time the evidence of insurance is provided.

4.3.3 Acceptability of Insurers. Except for the State Compensation Insurance Fund, all insurance required by this Agreement shall only be carried by insurance companies with a rating of at least “A-, VI” by A.M. Best Company, that are authorized by the California Insurance Commissioner to do business in the State of California, and that have been approved by the City. The City will accept insurance provided by non-admitted, “surplus lines” carriers only if the carrier is authorized to do business in the State of California and is included on the List of Eligible Surplus Lines Insurers

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