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Manager identifies discrepancies between the Artist’s provision of the Scope of Services and the conditions in this Agreement.


Remedy of Defects. In the event that the City issues the Artist a notice of defects, the

Artist shall promptly provide the Project Manager with a plan for remedying the defects. Upon the Project Manager’s approval of the Artist’s plan for remedying defects, the Artist shall promptly remedy the defects and issue the Project Manager a notice of completion for the defect remedy. The Artist shall not proceed with work on the Scope of Services until the Project Manager issues the Artist

a notice of approval for the defect remedy.


Schematic Artwork Proposal. The schematic artwork proposal is a preliminary

depiction of the proposed artwork. The schematic artwork proposal includes, but is not limited to,

information about the content, scale, location, context, relationship of components, and materials of the

proposed artwork. The Artist shall develop at least one schematic artwork proposal.

A.10.1 Site Selection. The Artist shall work in collaboration with City staff to identify appropriate areas as potential locations for the artwork in the Project.

A.10.2 Research and Outreach. Throughout the development of the artwork, the Artist shall meet with City staff in order to understand the programmatic uses of the Project, to define goals appropriate to the immediate physical, social and cultural environment of the artwork and to develop and refine imagery in the artwork.

A.10.3 Elements of Schematic Artwork Proposal. The Artist’s submission of a schematic artwork proposal to the Project Manager for review and approval shall be of a quality appropriate for release to the press. The Artist agrees to supply any specific types of presentation materials required by the Project Manager. The schematic artwork proposal shall include, but not be limited to:

  • a.

    A site plan;

  • b.

    A photographic survey of the site to show context;

  • c.

    Documentation of research and findings;

  • d.

    Documentation of community and design team input, feedback and outcomes;

  • e.

    A preliminary depiction of the proposed artwork in the form of a to-scale drawing accompanied by either a three-dimensional rendering or a three dimensional model;

  • f.

    A written description of the proposed content, scale, location, context, and relationship of the components in the proposed artwork;

  • g.

    Material samples;

  • h.

    A preliminary ADA plan, which outlines proposed strategies for addressing ADA requirements;

  • i.

    A preliminary budget, which demonstrates how the Artist proposes to expend the amount allocated for completion of the Scope of Services. The preliminary budget shall include, but not be limited to, the following items, as appropriate:

1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6 .

Artist’s fee Design development expenses including engineering services and/or construction documents Travel Insurance Subcontractors’ fees (itemize all costs) Fee for art conservator’s review

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