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Final Artwork Proposal. The Artist shall develop the final artwork proposal which

shall address feedback provided to the Artist by the Reviewing Bodies during the review of the schematic artwork proposal and which shall be of a quality appropriate for release to the press. The Artist agrees to supply any specific types of presentation materials required by the Project Manager.

The final artwork proposal shall include, but not be limited to:

  • a.

    A site plan;

  • b.

    A photographic survey of the site to show context;

  • c.

    Documentation of research and findings;

  • d.

    Documentation of community and design team input, feedback and outcomes;

  • e.

    A final depiction of the proposed artwork in the form of a to-scale drawing accompanied by either a three-dimensional rendering or a three dimensional model;

  • f.

    A written description of the proposed content, scale, location, context, and relationship of the components in the proposed artwork;

  • g.

    Materials samples;

  • h.

    A final ADA plan, which outlines strategies for addressing ADA requirements;

  • i.

    A final budget, which demonstrates how the Artist proposes to expend the amount allocated for completion of the Scope of Services. The completed budget shall include, but not be limited to, the following items, as appropriate:

    • 1.

      Artist’s fee

    • 2.

      Design development expenses including engineering services and/or construction documents

    • 3.


    • 4.


    • 5.

      Subcontractors’ fees (itemize all costs)

    • 6.

      Fee for art conservator’s review

    • 7.

      Administrative expenses (including postage, presentation materials, copyright registration, etc.)

    • 8.

      Materials and supplies (itemize all anticipated aspects and components with per unit and total cost estimates including applicable sales tax)

    • 9.

      Fabrication costs (itemize all portions of subcontracted work and work to be completed by Artist)

    • 10.

      Site preparation (do not include costs covered by the City or others)

    • 11.

      Transportation of materials or finished work to the site, storage, etc.)

    • 12.

      Installation costs (labor, equipment, base or mounting devices and components, traffic barricades/control, landscaping, site restoration, electrical modifications, etc.)

    • 13.

      Lighting (design, fixtures, bulbs, site preparation, and installation)

    • 14.


    • 15.

      Permits and taxes (sales tax, use tax, City permits, etc.)

  • j.

    A final fabrication plan, which includes a list of materials, methods of fabrication and material samples;

  • k.

    A final transportation plan;

  • l.

    A final installation plan, which outlines the installation method, includes a timeline for the artwork installation that coordinates with other construction events at the Project, and identifies a schedule of relevant tasks that must be completed prior to, during and after installation; and

  • m.

    A final maintenance plan, which includes descriptions of the artwork’s operational, routine maintenance and conservation requirements that are based on recommendations

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