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from a qualified art conservator, and which includes the art conservator’s report per Section A.11.1.

A.11.1 Art Conservator’s Review. The Artist shall consult with a qualified art conservator to obtain recommendations for the proposed artwork’s routine maintenance and conservation requirements prior to submitting the final artwork proposal to the Project Manager. At the Artist’s request, the City will supply a list of qualified art conservators that the Artist may choose from. The Artist shall require the art conservator to provide a report assessing the longevity, safety and durability of materials, fabrication techniques, finishes and attachments along with recommendations for routine maintenance and conservation. As a result of the art conservator’s assessment and recommendations, the Artist shall revise the preliminary fabrication plan, the preliminary installation plan, the preliminary budget and make any necessary design changes before submitting the final artwork proposal to the Project Manager.

A.11.2 Proposal Review Process. The Project Manager and other members of City staff may review the final artwork proposal and require that the Artist make modifications to it before permitting its submission to the Reviewing Bodies. The Artist agrees to address the Project Manager’s and City staff members’ comments and modification requirements prior to submitting it to the Reviewing Bodies for approval. The Reviewing Bodies shall review and make recommendations about the final artwork proposal. The Reviewing Bodies may recommend approval, approval with conditions or disapproval of the final artwork proposal. In the event that the Reviewing Bodies recommend disapproval, or approval with conditions, the Artist, upon written notification from the Project Manager, shall respond to the Reviewing Bodies’ comments in writing and submit revised final artwork proposal to the Project Manager for review. The Reviewing Bodies shall review the revised final artwork proposal and make additional recommendations until the final artwork proposal is approved by the Reviewing Bodies.

A.11.2.1 Notice of Approval for Final Artwork Proposal. The Artist shall not proceed with work on the Scope of Services until the Project Manager has issued the Artist a notice of approval for the final artwork proposal.


Construction Documents. If the final artwork proposal which is approved by the City

[Approved Artwork Proposal], is of the nature to require plans, structural engineering drawings and specifications to use in constructing the artwork [Construction Documents], the Artist shall create, or cause to be created, detailed Construction Documents. To the extent applicable, the Artist and/or the Artist’s sub-consultants shall comply with the most current edition of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (also referred to as “The Green Book”) including the Regional City of San Diego Supplement Amendments and the City of San Diego Standard Drawings including all Regional

Standard Drawings. (Copies of The Green Book and its supplements are available at the Artist’s expense from the City Publications Center, Development Services Department.) References in The Green Book to "Contractor" shall be deemed to mean the Artist, including without limitation, the

Artist’s sub-consultants. To the extent that the information contained in The Green Book conflicts with

the provisions set forth in this Agreement, this Agreement shall control.

A.12.1 Consultation with City Departments. The Artist and/or the Artist’s sub-consultants shall work with the City’s Development Services Department and the City’s Public Works Departments, as directed by the Project Manager, in order to ensure that the Artist’s Construction Documents comply with the standard specifications contained in The Green Book and/or meet the

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