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Artists are asked to submit applications containing the specific materials listed later in this document. A panel appointed by the Commission will review the eligible applications and create a short-list of at least three of the most qualified artists utilizing the selection criteria given below. The panel may be comprised of community members and visual art/design experts. The panel may interview short- listed artists. It is mandatory that the designated lead artist attend any such interview. Artists who accept an invitation to interview will not be expected to develop proposals. However, in the interviews, artists will be expected to discuss past approaches and working methods as well as answer questions relating to working on projects of this nature. Based on these evaluations, the panel will recommend one artist for the contract award.

Criteria used to evaluate artists will be:

  • Sophisticated conceptual skills, unique vision and strong imagination

  • Competence and skill with conveying meaning through art and with creating a sense of place

through art

  • Demonstrated interest in and understanding of the project

  • Strength of professionalism and communication skills

  • Proven ability to self-direct, self-motivate and conduct business without excessive oversight

  • If applicable, cohesiveness of team members

  • If applicable, past performance on contracts with the CCDC/City

When the panelists evaluate the applicants, they typically use a four-point ranking system:

  • Ranks of 4 (4 and 4-) designate an applicant as the most qualified. Applicants ranked with a 4 meet all the review criteria to the highest degree possible. If there are no applicants who meet all the review criteria, no 4 ranking should be given; this is not a grading curve but a rarified achievement of near perfection given the criteria.

  • Ranks of 3 (3+, 3, and 3-) are considered good. These applicants mostly meet the criteria in a strong or solid way, but may still need some improvement.

  • Ranks of 2 (2+, 2 and 2-) are considered marginal. These applicants have some merit, but do not meet the criteria in a strong or solid way.

  • Rank of 1 is not qualified under any circumstance; inappropriate for the award.

In Round One of the evaluation process, panelists give each applicant a rank. The panelists’ ranks are then averaged for a single, initial score per applicant. In Round Two, applicants are clustered by rank from highest to lowest. Rank adjustments may occur when the panel agrees that an applicant is out of place within the clusters. Meetings of the panel are open to the public, including applicants, or applicants may request to learn their ranks following the panel meetings. An applicant may appeal

under the circumstances provided in Council Policy 000-29 http://www.sandiego.gov/city-clerk/officialdocs/legisdocs/index.shtml





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