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DHSChild and Youth Mental Health Service Redesign Demonstration Projects

The demonstration projects have three interdependent deliverables:

2.8.1  A work plan

This document will describe the activities, processes and timelines that will be employed by the consortia to deliver the reform action plan (see below). It is expected that the development of the work plan will be completed by the end of 2008.

2.8.2  A child and youth mental health reform action plan

The reform action plan will identify the extent of the reforms to be undertaken and how services will be delivered differently to improve access, address gaps and expand the reach of mental health care in accord with the service reform principles and other requirements outlined in this brief. Planning will take into account the particular and changing mental health needs across the developmental spectrum within the 0-25 year old cohort. The plan will incorporate:

a detailed needs analysis of the proposed project catchment area,

a mapping of current mental health service provision for  those 0-25,

a review of current service arrangements and practice, service strengths and gaps

reform areas and actions to be taken to respond better to social, emotional and behavioural problems and mental disorders in infants, toddlers and preschool children; primary aged children; secondary school aged adolescents and older adolescents and young adults,

the evidence that underpins the services and models of care being proposed,

service outcomes, targets and key performance indicators, how these will be monitored and reported on as well as project driven evaluation and review mechanisms,

the partnerships that will be strengthened or established within and across service sectors to deliver the proposed reforms,

mechanisms for ongoing consultation between consumers, carers and consortia partners in planning and service evaluation; and

staging and timelines for key activities.

The reform action plan will be endorsed by all consortium members and the Department of Human Services Regional Director on behalf of the Regional Partnership Group (see section 2.12). Once endorsed by the Mental Health and Drugs Division, the reform action plan will become the formal agreement between the Division and the consortium regarding project activities.  The plan will also be the basis for determining the level of project funding.

It is anticipated that the development of the reform action plan will take four to five months.

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