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DHSChild and Youth Mental Health Service Redesign Demonstration Projects

Criterion 3: Capacity: The submission demonstrates that the consortium membership comprises the necessary leadership, experience and expertise to manage complex service development projects and to plan, deliver and sustain over time system-wide service reforms in accordance with these specifications.

The submission demonstrates that consortium membership is configured in accordance with these specifications.  It describes the existing resources, services and infrastructure that will be brought to the project and which would provide a sound platform on which to build the reforms. Consortia show evidence of collaborative leadership, partnerships, workforce knowledge and skills, service structures and suitable governance arrangements.

A brief description of current services provided to the cohort by consortium members and demonstration of relevant experience and expertise in the delivery of high quality services as well as project management is provided. The submission lists the key people across the participating organisations who will work together to deliver the projects.

Criterion 4: Readiness - The submission provides evidence of existing innovation and collaboration in the area of child and youth mental health including partnerships between and beyond consortia members that would support the commencement of the project within the timelines specified and designated budgets.

The submission demonstrates the readiness of the consortia to engage in and deliver the project at this time and within the required timelines.

Evidence provided includes existing networks, cross sector collaboration, planning and projects related to service innovation or any reforms for children and young people 0-25 years and families on which further work can be built. Effective consumer and carer consultation and participation models that could be strengthened to focus better on children and youth are highlighted.

Criterion 5: Financial and technical:  The submission includes sufficient supporting documentation to demonstrate satisfactory financial, technical, planning and other resource capability and viability to deliver the projects.  

The submission indicates how the project will be managed financially within the Health Service as lead agency and fund holder for the consortium. Corporate overheads to be deducted by the fund holder are identified in the submission. Transparent accounting processes for the expenditure of project funding are in place for both consortia members and the Mental Health and Drug Division and are described in the submission. Where it is proposed to fund or purchase services from other organisations, processes are described.

Criterion 6: Staffing and employment: The consortium has satisfactory staffing policies and practices and demonstrates commitment to equal employment opportunity and maintenance of occupational health and safety. The submission describes satisfactory minimum competencies of staff and policies to maintain competency over the period of service.

Submissions include written evidence of appropriate project management structure(s), which may include statement of roles, responsibilities and qualifications and competencies of key staff, staff training, reporting structures, supervision and infrastructure support policy and procedural documentation, articulated policies for managing critical incidents.

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