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DHSChild and Youth Mental Health Service Redesign Demonstration Projects

anticipated scope of redesign activities, key components, partners to be involved and how this relates to the reform directions in the Mental Health Reform Strategy green paper Because Mental Health Matters

activities, partnerships, networks  and infrastructure that would provide a sound foundation for more extensive planning and  service reform

service utilisation benchmarks against which change would be measured

data collection methods to monitor and measuring patterns of change;

how collaboration and linkages with other providers across the spectrum of services involved with children and young people 0-25 years would be developed;

stakeholder input or partnering relationships required and how they will be established and managed;

how the service redesign demonstration project will integrate with and/or complement services provided by the consortium and other agencies within the service system

advice on what could reasonably be achieved through service reforms with particular reference to the two priority action areas:

- Expanded assessment of and responsiveness to pre-school and primary school children who display early signs of social, emotional and behavioural problems; and

- Improved engagement of adolescents and young adults with a broader range of moderate to severe mental health problems, including co-occurring drug and alcohol problems.

3General issues

Submissions should also provide a risk management framework: identify potential threats that may delay or compromise the demonstration project. Consider workforce issues (for example, staff recruitment and retention), change management issues (such as the potential reluctance of stakeholders to alter their current practice) and administrative problems (such as difficulties in obtaining council approval for a new site) and articulate a fall-back position for problems that have been identified.

The Selection Criteria that will be relevant to the evaluation of this part of your submission relate primarily to Specification 2 (Project outcomes). These criteria are detailed in section 2.8 of this document.

4Price/cost of submission

The funding to be provided by the department for these projects will be negotiated with the successful consortia.  Funding will be dependent upon the size of the project area and the scope and scale of reforms.   

The submission should provide sufficient information to enable the department to assess whether investment in the project represents good value for money.  

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