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tradizjonali maltin....ghax dawn it tip ta stall issib hafna barra min Malta u huma ta attrazjoni ghat turisti.....hu fil milied jista jintrema Christmas market :)

Charles.C.Brown(1 day, 13 hours ago) At last we are seeing some real changes in Valletta, no major changes has ever been done in Valletta since probably the days of the knights that built it, apart from rebuilding after war damage and the courts and city gates which now is being demolished. Well done Dr Gonzi.

E.Camilleri(1 day, 14 hours ago) I agree with Mr. Borg comments, this government is killing Valletta with every decision they take. First they removed most of the parking spaces that where available in Valletta, except of course the parking spaces reserved for members of parliament .Than we are told that carnival is being moved outside Valletta, instead being held in Palace Square as promised. Now we are told that even the Sunday market is being moved away from Valletta, why not use Merchant Street on Sunday all the shops are closed and it is in the pedestrian zone, at least the catering establishments won’t loose the business of tourists that come to Valletta on Sunday to see the flea market. In the seventies when the food market was moved to Floriana they use to say that Mintoff wanted to kill Valletta. Where are the Valletta Alive foundation, the MHRA, the GRTU, and the Republic street business community? Wake up before it is too late.

M Bugeja(1 day, 15 hours ago) Frankly, this is a good move. A capital city is supposed to be a majestic place. As it is, ours is a parody of what it should be like. Our ancestors, who put so much time and effort to build a city for us to be proud of are spinning so fast in their graves, we could harness them for electricity.

Let's restore Valletta to it's former glory, please. Not only for the tourists, who certainly aren't impressed by our offering of loud people and stone spattered in avian waste, but for us, as Maltese. [source: I actually work with tourists who consistently express their disgust at how poorly managed Valletta is]

If the unsightly gash in our bastions means that some class will be restored to our capital (fortress) city, then at least, we're almost ready to start taking steps forward.

As for those hawkers, perhaps they should take this opportunity to improve on their manners and general presentation? Pointless whining that we're European, when we have such animalistic spectacles on a regular basis (same for other monti places)

S.M. Spiteri(1 day, 15 hours ago) Good idea of moving the Sunday market to the Park and Ride area.

How about locating the Carnival festivitiies thereat as well?

This site provides ample space for the Carnival Enclosure. The Carnival defile' can stretch from St Anne Street to Park and Ride (Bombi area) and can be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

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