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Carbon Capture and Storage – A Roadmap for Scotland

Clean coal technologies including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can significantly reduce carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels as well as making an important economic contribution to Scotland’s low carbon future. They can also allow for the continued use of natural resources for fuel sources, thus protecting the economic values that these sectors currently contribute towards the Scottish economy, while also contributing towards carbon reductions.

With over 23,000 fossil fuel generating stations worldwide, this could be a massive market opportunity for CCS deployment from which Scottish companies could benefit.   Annex B contains additional background information regarding CCS.  

The chart below shows that CCS can make a significant contribution to the scale of carbon reduction which is generally seen as necessary to reduce the impact of climate change (the so-called IEA blue scenario).

Contribution of various approaches to Carbon Reduction (IEA scenario work):

CCS is very much an emerging technology.  The current emphasis is on demonstrating that CCS is feasible on a large commercial scale, and demonstration projects are key to that aim. The G8 stated that there should be 20 CCS demonstration projects globally by 2020 with 10 to 12 of these occurring in Europe. The EU has now stated that it wishes to see 8 demonstrator plants operational by 2015, a smaller number than was initially suggested. The IEA has stated that 100 projects need to be in operation globally by 2020 with around 100 projects per year thereafter.  To achieve this type of scale will be extremely


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