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Carbon Capture and Storage – A Roadmap for Scotland

as hydrocarbon production eventually declines.  

As well as focusing on bringing the large scale demonstration projects to Scotland, we want to ensure that the ancillary and support services required to develop CCS are also developed in Scotland, including activities in research and development and the development of smaller sized CCS projects including test drilling and storage assessments. Such developments can provide a bridge to the large demonstrations that will also be required.  

This roadmap has been written with the following assumptions

The Scottish Government is committed to achieving the climate change targets as set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act.

As part of a balanced energy mix, where Scotland’s enormous resources in renewable energy can be realised, the Scottish Government does see a continued role for coal-fired power generation and other thermal sources, but only if carbon abatement approaches are adopted.

CCS is one of the low carbon emitting technologies that will be required in order to achieve the targets that have been set. It will complement progress on renewable energy and other emissions reduction strategies such as energy efficiency, which are necessary to help meet the carbon reduction challenge and in the transition to a low carbon economy.


We agree with the broad conclusions of the report from the Committee on Climate Change12 that in order to make significant progress towards our climate change targets then the electricity generation sector needs to be decarbonised by 2030.

If that challenging target is to be achieved then we need to move from a position of demonstrator projects from around 2015, to ensure that CCS is available on a commercial scale as an option for power generation from 2020 and be widespread in the sector by 2030 – including retrofitting to existing plant.

Assistance and public funding schemes necessary to encourage early stage CCS projects and ancillary/support projects to help establish skills and capacity are in place.

We assume that the greatest potential for carbon storage lies offshore, in the North Sea, and that the most of the captured CO2 emissions will be

12 http://www.theccc.org.uk/pdf/TSO-ClimateChange.pdf


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