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Carbon Capture and Storage – A Roadmap for Scotland


The Scottish Government can play a significant role in the development of appropriate regulation along all aspects of the CCS chain.

In relation to on-site capture through the consent and guidance process we will set the appropriate regulatory approach to the development of CCS technology at power stations, including the issue of retro-fitting and the approach to carbon-capture readiness for gas and other thermal power stations. We have already consulted on our draft guidance and we plan to issue this shortly.  

The Scottish Government will continue to work closely with SEPA to ensure that appropriate environmental standards are adhered too, as well as other regulatory bodies such as the HSE, Crown Estate and Scottish Natural Heritage who will have responsibility for regulating a number of different aspects of the CCS chain. We are also working with the UK Government to ensure a broad consistency of approach to regulation across the UK, which industry had indicated is the most appropriate approach. With the partners listed above, we are currently developing a regulation matrix which will set out the main licences, permits and processes that are likely to be required for the all aspects of the CCS chain.

The capture and compression of CO2 at electricity generation stations will be regulated by SEPA under the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) regulatory regime.  The PPC regulations aim to prevent or minimize emissions to air, water and soil, as well as waste, from industrial and agricultural installations with a view to achieving a high level of environmental protection.

Certain aspects of this will be covered by Section 36 consents but other aspects – onshore hubs/pipeline infrastructure - will require planning permission.  New non-nuclear baseload generating capacity and associated infrastructure (including possible CCS infrastructure) is identified in the National Planning Framework 2 as a national development.  The Government is currently preparing an NPF2 Action Programme that will include high level actions necessary to deliver the national developments.

In terms of transport the Scottish Government may have to grant certain consents regarding pipeline use and also in the case of ship transport ensure that appropriate regulations are developed.

The implementation of the EU directive on CCS15 is now underway and there are a number of issues arising from the directive which have to be transposed into Scottish and UK regulations. In terms of storage, the Scottish Government worked closely with the UK government in 2008 to pass the UK Energy Act through the UK Parliament including the passing of a Legislative Consent Motion

15 Directive 2009/31/EC on the geological storage of carbon dioxide


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