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Carbon Capture and Storage – A Roadmap for Scotland

could include innovation and R&D to support the development of skills and capacity to support and complement these larger projects.

The Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise will work with others, including the Energy Advisory Board and associated sub-groups, to develop a Strategic Alliance approach for CCS, to ensure that public sector support for CCS is adequate to pursue opportunities.

We are already working with the Crown Estate, HSE, SEPA, Marine Scotland and DECC to develop a regulatory and policy framework for the development of CCS in Scotland.  The framework sets out a sequential and integrated approach for applicants to obtain the necessary consents, permits and licences required by applicants to construct, commission, operate and maintain thermal power stations, complete with CCS technologies.

We have consulted on the “Guidance for Section 36 Applications for Thermal Power Stations” which we plan to issue shortly.  We have already set out our position on CCS:

At least 300 MWe of CCS demonstration is now required on new build coal plant or existing plant retrofitted with supercritical boilers;

The Scottish Government will adopt the same 'rolling review' process being followed by the UK Government, which will result in a CCS status (technical, economics, environmental and safety) report being issued in 2018;

If all the appropriate tests are passed, then CCS would be judged viable, leading to a requirement for all new build coal plants from 2020 to be fitted with 100% CCS from the outset, as well as retrofitting full CCS to those coal plants built between now and 2018.

The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) was officially opened on 17 August 2009 to support Scottish organisations in the green energy sector to gain maximum benefit from engagement with Europe.

Over the next three years, SEGEC will create constructive partnerships in areas of key European interest – marine energy, Carbon Capture and Storage, offshore wind, energy efficiency, renewable heat and grids – to drive research, encourage adoption, act as a centre of expertise and influence policy.  SEGEC aims to act as a catalyst for the deployment of green energy and research, encouraging and supporting industry to put research into practise so that Scotland, and Europe, can fully benefit from these advances.  SEGEC will place Scotland at the forefront of research, development, demonstration and deployment of low carbon energy technologies across Europe.


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