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Adult Attachment

and may lead to the blind following and focused attention of a love struck person. Serotonin may also lead to the heightened sense of importance of the love object. Not only does the love stuck get a pounding heart and light head every time the object of their affection comes near; they cannot seem to get them out of their head even when they are not around. This is known as intrusive thinking. It is an obsessive thought; the love object is constantly on their mind. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the current treatment for obsessive behaviors, therefore, serotonin may play a role in the intrusive thinking of love struck humans. It may also be due to certain amphetamines produced by our bodies that have hallucinogenic effect. (Hazan, C. & Diamond, L.M., 2000) This amphetamine could be the reason why a love object seems so perfect, that they could do no wrong. A lovesick individual has a tendency to overlook the bad traits in their loved one and only focus on the good.

The effects of infatuation have one purpose, to draw us in and keep us near until the real attachment can occur. The average length of time for infatuation to last is two years give or take six months. (Hazan, C. & Diamond, L.M., 2000) This is not surprising to anyone who has experienced a long-term relationship. Even in very close relationships most people would say that the “puppy love” stage ended after about a year and a half. The attachment formation should have taken place by now, and the infatuation is no longer needed.

During that year and a half or so the couple engages in activities typical of a new forming attachment. (Zeifman, D. & Hazan, C., 1997) The new couple cuddles, nuzzles, and kisses. They seem to be attached at the hip for awhile. They engage in much the same behavior as a mother and her newborn. They have prolonged ventral to ventral

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