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Adult Attachment

caregiver model, and insecure attachment may have ramifications in all facets of an adult’s life.

Attachment helps to explain why someone truly feels they have found “the one” when they fall in love. There is a bond so strong that it seems no one else could replace the love object. Evolutionary theory would say that any strong male could take any other’s place, but ask a woman who is in love if there is something special about her man. She will tell you no one else would do. They have a connection. That connection is attachment.

Evolutionary theory

There is a growing field of psychology known as evolutionary psychology. This developing field of study focuses on the work of Charles Darwin and uses his theories of natural selection to help explain human behavior. In the search for “human nature” psychologists have studied the elements that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. This includes our mating strategies. The most widely held theory on human mating in evolutionary psychology is known as the sexual strategies model outlined by Buss in his book The Evolution of Desire (1994). This early research hinges on the idea of parental investment. It states that the strategies of mate selection and attraction differ between the sexes. (Buss, 2001)

Every male has many sperm and creates more at an enormous rate every hour. He has the ability to impregnate as many receptive females as he has time for in a day if need be. Then he is finished with the burden of childbearing. He has the ability to leave. It may not be the best evolutionary choice, but his immediate cost of reproducing

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