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is a few sperm and a good time. Evolutionary theory would hold that a male would try to have sex with as many females as would allow to pass on his genes as much as possible. This plays a role in his partner selection; his primary goal is to find a woman who can birth a child successfully. A male looks for a woman who appears to be young, healthy and fertile. These traits are made evident by many visual cues such as a woman’s waist to hip ratio, healthy skin, and secondary sexual characteristics such as high cheekbones. The beauty industry is a great practical example for support in this theory. Women spend millions of dollars each year on makeup to enhance their features, on skin care to make them “radiant,” and on fad diets to reduce their waist size to make them appear more desirable. Women try to be the evolutionary ideal. Males who chose this type of sexual partner are more likely to be successful in passing on their genes because their mate is more capable of birthing young. This method of mate selection improves the evolutionary fitness of the pairing.

Females, on the other hand, have a very different consequence of sexual relations. If a woman has sex and is impregnated, she is required a very long commitment to this particular offspring, therefore there is a long period in which other, possibly better, opportunities for reproduction must be missed. The normal gestation period is around 40 weeks for a human and that does not include the time it takes to nurse and raise a child. That considered, the female breeding period is only about 35-40 years long. If she is not more discriminating than her male counterparts about her sexual partners she could risk wasting precious time on an offspring that does not contain the best genes possible. She has a considerably greater investment in one sexual encounter than a male. With this in mind, a female looks for a male who is strong and has resources to support her and her

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