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Adult Attachment

offspring for the long gestation period and care-giving to follow. This is shown clearly by men in America. Men love flashy material possessions. They attempt to get the highest paying job and flaunt their social status with fast cars and expensive clothing. The act of taking a girl to dinner on the first date could be an example of evolutionary theory at work. The male is trying to show the female that he could provide for her if she would sleep with him.

The differences are further shown with sexual jealousy. A male will show jealousy over sexual infidelity. The mere thought of sexual infidelity would put paternity into question. It would not be evolutionarily productive of a male to support another male’s offspring. A male wants to know that there is no chance he is wasting his resources on an offspring other than his own. A female on the other hand is more likely to get jealous over emotional infidelity. It may be a sign that the male has found another partner and may soon leave her and her offspring, taking his resources with him. This would leave her and her child without food or protection.

Although they use different methods, these two clearly defined methods of mate selections have the same goals in mind. The evolutionary theory states that there are three goals of an organism. The first is to live through childhood to reproductive age; the second is to find an acceptable mate and reproduce; and the third is to rear the offspring of that mating to sexual maturity. All three goals work toward the ultimate goal of furthering the species. Throughout this discussion all three will be addressed, but mate selection is the basis for the other two objectives. Without that drive, an infant would not have a need to grow to reproductive age, a mate would not need to be selected, and a child would not need to be raised. It is a human’s quest for continuation that drives them

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