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"The retained knowledge and experience that Sheldon has amassed is incredible. I have personally witnessed Sheldon take on projects single handedly that should have required nothing less than a whole team. Sheldon is extremely dedicated to his work, and it manifests itself in the attention to detail that he gives."

  • Scott Averbach, President, Excelsior Interactive, LLC, worked directly with Sheldon at Highland Products Group

"Sheldon is the best IT director I have had the pleasure to work with. Unlike most IT people, he was able to not only manage project deadlines and IT teams, but he also was an expert coder. The real differentiating talent for Sheldon is that he is an IT guy with the ability to wear many hats, coding, management and then even the ability to sell the technical features of a product. I highly recommend Sheldon without hesitation."

  • Steven Hacker, Founder & CEO, PassportMD, managed Sheldon at PassportMD

"Sheldon was consulted with on a few small projects my organization had in the past. He was found to be incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with, and consistent with his results. I would recommend Sheldon if you are after any such qualities as he is sure to meet and exceed your needs."

  • John Flanagan, was Sheldon's client

"Sheldon is a dedicated professional that brings immense skill, experience and expertise to any project or venture. He is incredibly personable and gets behind the clients' excitement and vision and makes it happen."

  • Michelle Blohm, was Sheldon's client

"I hired Sheldon for a development project (web-based inventory management app) and was very satisfied with all aspects of working with him. Would recommend him highly."

  • Gary Truitt, was Sheldon's client

"We used Sheldon and his company for our own website that needed a new look. Sheldon's is extremely knowledgeable, and is a great programmer. We have also partnered with his company for some of our clients that needed advanced web development. He is very easy to talk too, and loves to work on challenging projects."

  • Dave O'Keefe, was Sheldon's client

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