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Over eight years have passed since this guide was originally published. The following notes give revised information. Each number corresponds to the warning marker on the document. The information was correct to the best of our knowledge on 1st February 2010.

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    Solid manual steering rack clamps, quality aluminium: £35.25

  • 11.

    Rear hub assembly (rebuilt exchange): £99.87

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    Register Service Notes: Volume 1 £20, Volume 2 £12.50 or buy both for £30 www.triumph2000register.co.uk/shop

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    Triumph 2000 Register website: Now www.triumph2000register.co.uk

1. Current values as published in Practical Classics March 2010 are: Triumph 2000 (sal/est) 1963 to 1977

Condition 1:


Condition 2:


Condition 3:


Other information

Parts Suppliers:

Triumph 2.5 PI/2500 TC (sal/est) 1968-1977

Condition 1:


Condition 2:


Condition 3:


Triumph 2500S (sal/est) 1975-1977

As well as the acknowledged model specialists, other Triumph and classic car specialists stock parts for the Triumph 2000. Stag specialists can help with suspension and certain drivetrain parts, TR specialists can help with engine parts, and so on.

Condition 1:


Condition 2:


Condition 3:


The Triumph 2000 Register currently considers these values to be on the low side. Values do vary, but good cars routinely fetch significantly more. For a full valuation of your car, or of a potential purchase, contact the Register by emailing valuations@triumph2000register.co.uk.

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    Now £47.00 plus £5.29 for spin-on filter (Chris Witor)

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    Roller-spline driveshafts (pair, including rebuilt hubs, all UJs and flanges, etc), when available: £609 + £100 exchange surcharge (Monarch, www.monarch-stags.co.uk). As an alternative, various parts dealers supply a GKN-manufactured splined driveshaft which has fewer, bigger, Rislan-coated splines plus a grease-nipple for ease of maintenance. Rislan is a PTFE-like substance.

4. Sample insurance quote: Agreed value comprehensive cover for a 1972 2.5 P.I. valued at £3500 based in Chester, 30 year old driver, 3000 miles per annum, only car, parked on driveway, club member: £90.56 Peter James Insurance (www.peterjamesinsurance.co.uk)

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    Chris Witor’s website is now www.chriswitor.com

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    Revised parts prices (all Chris Witor):

    • P.

      A.S. rack (rebuilt exch.) £135.13 Propshaft (new): £155.68 Wheel cylinder (MkII OE Lockheed): £41.61 Door skin (front): £79.31 Bootlid (Mk I new): NLA

7. Parts hard to get - add the following: Original panels are all but unobtainable. Occasionally they do come up for sale but are usually very expensive. Repro panels are also expensive, repair pieces more affordable. Interior seat fabrics - little about secondhand in good condition, especially corded bri-nylon which deteriorates in sunlight over time. A similar material is available but is slightly different and therefore only suitable for a full retrim.

Chris Witor Earlpart James Paddock LDpart Mick Dolphin Monarch Quiller Triumph T.D. Fitchett Holden Vintage Rimmer Bros Sports Car Supplies Wins International

www.chriswitor.com www.earlpart.co.uk www.jamespaddock.co.uk www.ldparts.co.uk www.mickdolphin.co.uk www.monarch-stags.co.uk www.quillertriumph.co.uk 01952 619585 www.holden.co.uk www.rimmerbros.co.uk www.sportscarsupplies.com www.winsandco.co.uk

Garage Services:

Canley Classics Jigsaw Manvers Triumph Moordale Motors Southern Triumph Services

www.canleyclassics.com www.jigsawracingservices.co.uk www.manvers-triumph.com www.moordalemotors.co.uk


Triumph 2000 Register:

General enquiries Membership: Magazine editor: Advertising: Valuations: Technical queries: Website editor:


enquiries@triumph2000register.co.uk membership@triumph2000register.co.uk sixappeal@triumph2000register.co.uk adseditor@triumph2000register.co.uk valuations@triumph2000register.co.uk technical@triumph2000register.co.uk webmaster@triumph2000register.co.uk

Website: Forum: Shop:

www.triumph2000register.co.uk www.triumph2000register.co.uk/phpBB3 www.triumph2000register.co.uk/shop

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    Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register: £28pa plus £5 joining fee. SIXappeal now colour/BW. Now possible to join online at www.triumph2000register.co.uk/shop

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    Triumph 2000 & 2.5PI - The Complete Story, by Graham Robson Now out of print. It can be found occasionally on ebay or at secondhand book specialists.

Original article and current valuations © Bauer Consumer Media/Practical Classics. Reprinted with permission. Addendum © The Triumph 2000 Register Limited. All trade marks used are the property of their respective owners.


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