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Continuation Schedule of Events

City Tour, and Sunset Dinner Cruise (all in one day?)

Saturday, August 6: MII Meeting and Election of Officers, Gala at the Westin Bayshore

Sunday, August 7: Despedida brunch hosted by Annie Jalac Miles, President of MABC, Vancouver North Shore Tour

Monday, August 8: Whistler resort tour Tuesday, August 9: Victoria excursion tour

If you haven’t left by now, you probably already bought a condo in Vancouver. And why not, Vancouver has always been rated highly as one of the best livable cities in the world.

Welcome Night

Dr. Rudy Jao calls on Wednesday and asks, “we’re arriving before noon on Thursday, puede ba tayong mag-golf before the welcome night”. Now this is a man who knows his priorities. Thursday afternoon at the Plaza 500 hotel there were already out-of-town guests eager to play golf. Who were these Tiger Woods wannabes, you ask? Noly Ricohermoso (MASC), Al Molato (MESA), Msgr. Rey Nunez, Steve Sosa (MESA) and Dr. Jao. On the way to the golf course, Willie Leano (the ultimate golf fanatic) calls asking where we were (you see he was due to arrive at 6pm). I said we were on our way to play golf (he-he). Needless to say, he was overcome with jealousy.

The welcome night was held at the historic Vancouver Heritage Hall, just a few blocks from the hotel. MABC officers were nervous and excited. And did they ever prepare for this event.

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