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A General Warning

The Scripture General has warned that Ready-to-Go products may be harmful to your mental health. Please do not use this book while operating heavy machinery or if you lack a sense of humor. Consistent users are strongly encouraged to take frequent breaks from these skits in order to discover the other half of the secret of life. If you find yourself constantly thinking of new and tricky ways you can use these skits at staff luncheons or at the family dinner table, then please seek professional help immediate- ly—in the form of an acting career.

Here are some other reminders and warnings that you might find helpful as you sink deeper and deeper into the de- lightfully dangerous world of Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits—The Sequel:

There are three acts for a reason. It might be tempting to enjoy the laughter of a Scripture skit and then pull the curtain closed after act 1. Don’t give in to that temptation (Jesus didn’t!). The Scripture skits are means to an end, and laughs are not that end. The process is designed to spiral inward, so that each act takes the learner to a deeper, more meaningful level. Most sessions, if all three acts are done, will take 60 to 75 minutes to complete, depending on group size. If you must cut out a section owing to time constraints, cut out the activity portion of act 3 and go immediately to the curtain call. You can also change or skip some of the curtain call questions to suit your group, but please be faithful to concluding each session in prayer and sharing.

Stop and smell the roses. Which is simply an elegant way of saying, “Take . . . your . . . time . . . ,” while reading the skit in act 1. Be sure to pause for the action (and laughs) to unfold, so that you can reach that coveted FLP (full laugh po- tential). The best way to do that is to read the skit to yourself out loud (and out of earshot of curious neighbors) before using it with a live, and potentially unpredictable, audience. That will give you time to get a feel for the action movements and where and when the really funny parts occur. It will also give you time and space to see if any quick script changes need to be made owing to your group’s age or size, whether members have taken a bath lately, what they’ve eaten right before the skit, or other special concerns.



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