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Create your own. Once you have the gist of all this, why not get really creative and assign some other Scripture stories to small groups and lead them in creating their own Ready-to-Go Scripture skits? While some small groups are writing the scripts, have others use Bible commentaries to look up and summarize the important points of the Scripture story, creating a few ques- tions that will invite the whole group to reflect on how the story applies to their lives. Then take turns presenting the skits to the large group over the course of several weeks. Not only will your young people learn 3 trillion percent more this way, you may just inspire someone to become the Cecil B. DeMille of the twenty-first century!

Consider the Possibilities

There are ten sessions in Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits—The Sequel, each highlighting a different Scripture story and focusing on one or more themes that you can connect with young people’s lives today. Besides using these Scripture skits as sessions unto themselves, think about using them in one or more of the fol- lowing settings:

Retreats and lock-ins. What’s a retreat without an opportu- nity to act out? Use Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits—The Sequel as a creative way to spice up your next retreat or lock-in, and as a strategy for introducing a talk or activity on a theme such as forgiveness, the power of God, or Gospel justice.

Prayer services. If you want to really pray the message of the reading, use acts 1 and 2 of a Scripture skit to get the group’s attention and focus it on the meaning of the Scripture passage. That way, you’ve got the reading and the sermon all rolled up in a user-friendly experience that will focus the young people powerfully and attentively on prayer.

Parent-teen events. Want to get put on your teens’ electronic buddy lists? Then make their parents star in a Ready-to-Go Scripture skit! These serve as terrific generation breakers, allow- ing youth and adults alike to laugh and learn at the same time. There’s nothing that breaks down those generational walls quicker than giving teens the chance to watch a parent imper- sonate Zacchaeus as a Munchkin or to be asked to play one of



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