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The Exodus–Part 1

If this is the first skit the group has done . . . Explain that the characters selected are to do exactly what they hear the director read and are to be sure to face the audience during the performance. You should pause at each ellipsis ( . . . ) to give the characters time to do what you just read. When you come across a cue card, hold the book in front of the character who must read it, and point to the box containing the lines while emphasizing the voice in which it is to be read. Take your time and let the laughs roll!

During the skit, the audience will be instructed to do various things, which they should do when they hear it announced in the script. Give the staff to Aaron to hold before beginning the skit.


One day Moses was sitting down warming his bare feet . . . by the fire of a burning bush . . . when he heard a loud voice say: . . .

Cue: Voice of God [Speak loudly and slowly; cup your hands around your mouth.]

Moses, you need to wash your feet! . . .

And while you are at it, I’d like you to tell Pharaoh

to let my people go free. And if you have any trouble, just use the staff I’ll send you. Shalom, Yahweh.

Moses jumped up really excited . . . —higher— . . . because he had never been given a whole staff before. As he waited impa-

tiently for his first applicant to show up

, . . . his brother Aaron ran

into him

, . . . knocking both of them down. . . . Aaron helped

Moses up and said in a voice similar to Bugs Bunny’s: . . .

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