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increasing your search engine rankings so your prospects can find you. • Learn the latest trends in blogging with our monthly educational webcasts.

Virtual Project Management

Our Blog Writing Subscription Program ensures you have timely, accurate, and knowledgeable blog entries on a regular basis. Save time and increase your company’s visibility today by having a team of Microsoft knowledgeable professionals create your blog posts for you!

At times, organizations might be limited in their project management resources. In other words, once the marketing plan is in place, who executes against the plan on a daily basis? Who can ensure your marketing campaigns reach your prospects in a timed, orderly sequence?

Learn more: www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/blog-writing-program.php

Customer Case Study Creation

Nothing is better than having your customers tell your story for you, and provide tangible proof to prospects that you’re credible and have the experience necessary to help solve their business issues.

Imagine if you had the time and resources to…

  • Create compelling content that can be leveraged in multiple ways including on your website, as a marketing offer or highlighting your customer testimonials in other marketing materials.

  • Gain an unbiased view of your client’s satisfaction through the case study interview process, conducted by our third party.

Build your “customer evidence” with a compelling story to tell your prospects with our Customer Case Study Creation Program.

Learn more: www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/case-study-creation.php

Marketing Planning and Strategy

Defining your marketing plan and strategy are key components to running successful campaigns and closing more deals.

Imagine if you had the time and resources to… Develop a realistic, action-oriented marketing plan for your business. Your marketing plan will be detailed, comprehensive, and customized to your organization with a specific focus on the following areas:

  • Geography and target markets

  • Vertical market opportunities

  • Strengths and skills of your company

  • Past marketing successes and areas for improvement

  • Marketing tactics and campaign opportunities

  • Marketing budget

  • Appropriate Microsoft resources to incorporate into your plan

Define a Nurture Marketing Plan and Strategy The secret to successfully converting longer-term leads into sales is through nurture or relationship marketing. Our nurture marketing services include a:

  • Written plan for a sequence of nurture “touches” via a number of

mediums (phone, email, direct mail) over the course of a year.

  • A calendar to ensure the timing of the touches is executed.

  • A list of suggested offers designed to drive responses.

Learn more: www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/marketing-planning.php

Imagine if you had the time and resources to…

  • Fully execute on the high priority lead generation campaigns or other business critical marketing programs.

  • Focus on important campaigns and see them through to completion.

  • Assign critical action items to a person who could easily complete them without a lot of direction and time from you.

Our Virtual Project Management Program includes a talented individual who works hand-in-hand with your organization on marketing plan and campaign execution. Our consultants help your business to thrive with that “can do” attitude, which can mean the difference between a successful campaign and “I wish I hadn’t spent the money on that marketing effort”.

Learn more: www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/virtual-project-manager.php

More Spicy Services E-Newsletter Library

You know the value of communicating with your customers and prospects on a regular basis. You know that “out of sight, out of mind” could potentially mean your customers will seek out another company when they need your services because you haven’t been in touch with them.

Imagine if you had the time and resources to…

  • Research and write interesting, relevant content for your newsletter that grabs your readers’ attention.

  • Send your newsletter to your clients and prospects on a consistent and timely schedule to ensure you stay “in sight and in mind”.

The E-Newsletter Library allows you to choose from two options designed to meet the needs of your organization, from simply obtaining industry and product content to a fully customized newsletter sent on your behalf. And with a subscription to the Library and its content, you can personally select the articles that best fit the needs of your audience.

Learn more: www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/e-newsletter-program.php

Blog Writing Subscription Program

Making an impact and staying in front of your prospects in the online community is becoming increasingly important as competition grows, both in cyber space and in your local market. Prospects are looking online for the solutions you deliver. Be in front of them with timely, frequent, relevant blog content.

Imagine if you had the time and resources to…

  • Create consistent and informative blogs that attract the type of prospects

y o u r e l o o k i n g f o r .

  • Optimize your blogs with keywords and links to your website, thereby

”We love the services The Partner Marketing Group is providing. They know their stuff with Microsoft Dynamics marketing and get right in the trenches with us on weekly blogging and monthly newsletters. Their pricing structure for those services is affordable for even the smallest of resellers, and they have the capacity, depth of knowledge, and channel experience to grow with us. Microsoft made a wise choice enabling The Partner Marketing Group to work even more closely with the Microsoft Dynamics channel. I’ve sold GP for 20 years now, and these are the best marketing services yet. Right on!”

Gloria Braunschweig, President Computeration

Now is the time to add the spice to your marketing efforts!

Give us a call at 605.574.9432 | Email us at info@thepartnermarketinggroup.com Or join us online: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=2237924 Twitter: https://twitter.com/PartnerMktGrp Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Partner-Marketing-Group/277005023082 Opt-in our monthly newsletter, filled with spicy colorful and practical tips, at www.ThePartnerMarketingGroup.com

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