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Michelle Miller Japan Lesson Plan 9-10, 45 minute class periods

Japanese Theatre

PURPOSE: To explore and learn about the three main types of Japanese theater; Noh, Kabuki and Bunraku.


  • 1.

    What are the different types of Japanese theatre? (Bunraku, Noh, and Kabuki)

  • 2.

    What is Bunraku? (It was developed in the Tokagawa period. It uses puppets

to tell the story)

3. What is Noh? (It was the first type of theatre. It uses all males to perform. They wear elaborate costumes and masks and perform music and dance. The stage is bare and open to the audience on all sides.)

4. What is Kabuki? (It was founded by Okuni. It began as all female theatre with skits and music. The women dresses up like men and used elaborate scenery.)

RATIONALE: To expose students to Japanese society and culture.

MATERIALS: Social studies text chapter on Japan. I used “History of our World” by Prentice Hall, 2005 “The World and its People”, Silver Burdett and Ginn, 2005. www.japan-zpne.com www.japanguide.com www.ric.edu/parmental/japan/japanlinks.html www.kisho.com www.etext.lib.virginis.edu/japanese www.artelino.com “All Japan: The catalog of Everything Japanese” by Oliver Statler “East Asia: A New History”, by Rhoads Murphey


*Teacher introduction to Japanese theatre. The teacher gives a brief lecture on the history of each form of Japanese theatre, while students take notes. The brief history is available on pages 225, 255, 263 of Rhoads Murphey book. (1, 45 minute period)

*The class is split into research teams. There should be two teams researching each type of theatre. Team one of each type of theatre will create a model of what the theatre and stage would look like. Team 2 will create a sample costume, mask or puppet for their assigned type of drama. (2, 45 minute periods)

*Each group will present and explain what they have created to the class. (1 45 minute period)

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