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*Teams one and two for each form of drama will join together to rehearse a famous play of their form of drama. They will be responsible for creating any props or costumes needed. (2-3, 45 minute periods) Plays are available on the following websites. www.etext.lib.virginis.edu/japanese/noh, www.etext.lib.virginis.edu/japanese/kabuki, www.japan-zone.com/bunraku.

*The joined teams will present their rehearsed performance to the class. (2, 45 minute periods)

*Students will be assessed on their knowledge of Japanese drama by the quality of stage, costume, mask or puppet they create. Their performance will also be assessed on the accuracy of presentation. The costumes and props should follow the teaching presented. A written test may be created and administered following the performances. The teacher may also wish to create a rubric to assess the plays. (1, 45 minute class period)

GRADE ADAPTATION: This lesson was created for a 7th grade Geography class. The class I teach is at a K-8 parochial school. There are 28-34 students in each classroom. I meet with grades 6-8 each day for approximately 2 hours. The amount of time designated by this lesson plan can be adapted and doubled up for block scheduling where there are larger amounts of class time. The curriculum I follow has a chapter on Japan and a section on Japanese culture. Students may enjoy the extra time spent on an interesting aspect of Japanese life. The amount of work may be added or omitted depending on the grade taught. Teachers may wish to only assign one group to each type of theater and make the group responsible for completing both tasks. The teacher may also omit the performance portion of the activities.

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