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HSU Course Outline

ERSEA Credentialing Course - Level III – (Trainer)

ERSEAL5 Cred 5 Days _


The ERSEA Credentialing course is a major effort initiated by HS University to improve the quality of Head Start employees by improving, evaluating and recognizing the competence of employees of Head Start. The Head Start performance standard define the training and job performance needed by Head Start employees and is the foundation of our certificate and credential program. This in-depth 5 day course is designed for those responsible for train and implementation of ERSEA. It provide students the tools and training necessary to meet training and staff understanding of the ERSEA requirements in the CFR Part 1305 of federal regulations regarding eligibility, recruitment, enrollment, selection and attendance for their program. Participants learn about determining community strength and needs, using assessments to determine program design options and methods of implementing ERSEA requirements at their program. five day course gives you access to practical tools, strategies, and techniques that will make your ERSEA training dynamic, engaging, and effective. We show you how to optimize your training environment and training programs to achieve outstanding ERSEA implementation and compliance results.


  • Knowledge of Performance Standards

  • Knowledge of CFR 1305

  • ERSEA Level I

  • ERSEA Level II

  • Knowledge of Head Start

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for all staff responsible for training and professional development. Administrative Staff, Manager, Program Area Managers, Directors, Coordinators, policy council, program governance staff or anyone that needs information on how to train staff on ERSEA requirements.


  • Build comfortable rapport with staff and get buy- in for ERSEA procedures from the beginning.

  • Deliver ERSEA standards logically and simply in a brain-friendly fashion.

  • Orchestrate the optimum environment for your training.

  • Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate ERSEA compliance.

  • Use and combine compelling audio & visual aids to utilize more senses.


Day One – Understanding ERSEA

Day 1 Understanding How Adults Really Learn

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  • Choose creative and stimulating delivery formats for "dry," regulatory material.

  • Facilitate partner and group activities applicable to learning goals.

  • Transfer ERSEA information from short-term to long-term memory.

  • Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory ERSEA training that will have lasting impact.

  • Apply Accelerated ERSEA strategies for results-boosting, super-charged productivity.

Introduction to Accelerated Learning (AL) methodology The instructor-centered versus the participant- centered approach to learning

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