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AKC News

Submitted by Beth Lagimoniere, AWSC AKC Delegate

AKC Companion Animal Recovery Launches New Website (www.AKCCAR.ORG)

New Features Make AKC CAR Enrollment More Convenient for Pet Owners, Veterinarians and Animal Shelters

contact the owner when the pet is reported lost. Enrollment is for the lifetime of the animal and AKC CAR’s highly trained, bilingual recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to protect your pet.

AKC Offers New Litter Certificate - A Breeders Tool for the Puppy-Buying Public

New York, NY - The American Kennel Club’s Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR®) program has launched a new website that is easier to navigate and features new ways for owners, veterinarians and shelter staff to enroll pets in its 24 hour-a-day/ 7 day-a-week recovery service.

New features available on AKC CAR’s website include: *Online Enrollment System:Allows owners to enroll their pets online. This is an immediate enrollment without the delays of mail delivery and processing time.

*AKC CAR’s New Incentive Programs: Vets and shelters can now sign up online and begin receiving a monthly rebate for every enrollment submitted.AKC CAR will rebate veterinarians $2.00 for every enrollment. Non- profit organizations, which already benefit form half price enrollment, receive a $1.00 rebate for every enrollment received.

*Vet and Shelter Enrollment System: Now vets and shelter staff can enroll their client’s pets online. This ensures that the client’s pets are protected before they leave the facility.

*Online Customer Record Updates: Customers can now make changes to their pets’AKC CAR record online. Any changes of information can be done over the internet, allowing AKC CAR to process updates at a faster rate.

The new design resembles the easy-to-navigate layout of AKC’s home page (www.akc.org). The main tool bar offers simplified access to key sections of the site including Recovery Services, Enroll Your Pet, Transfer Your Pet and Update Records. In addition, the site offers new services intended to make enrollment in AKC CAR and updates to a pet’s contact information faster and easier.

“As the largest non-profit animal recovery service in North America, we are thrilled to offer pet owners use of our newly designed website,” said Dr. Carmen Battaglia, President and CEO of AKC CAR. “Enrollment in AKC CAR is at an all time high and we expect that, with the recent additions to our website, more owners will take advantage of the opportunity to protect their pets.”

For over 10 years AKC CAR has served as a national recovery service for microchipped pets, where a pet’s microchip, tattoo, or CAR collar tag ID number and contact information (owner’s address and telephone number, alternate contacts, etc.) are safely stored and used to

New York, NY The American Kennel Club (AKC ®) is pleased to announce the new AKC Official Litter Certificate for breeders. The Litter Certificate is a beautiful, multi-colored document tracing three generations of a litter’s lineage. In addition to a gold-stamped, framable Litter Certificate each breeder who orders the new product will receive additional black and white copies for each new puppy buyer.

The AKC Litter Certificate shows that a litter has been officially registered with the AKC. The document displays the breeder’s name, the litter whelp date, and the number of puppies in the litter. In addition, it lists theAKC registered name, AKC registered number and stud book date for each dog in the previous three generations of the litter’s lineage.

“TheAKC continues its dedication to breeders by giving them valuable resources and the AKC Litter Certificate package is a handsome addition,” said AKC President and CEO Dennis B. Sprung. “Breeders now have a wonderful display certificate as well as a copy for each new puppy owner.”

A breeder can now easily add a copy of the Litter Certificate into the “puppy packet” of information for the buyer as evidence of litter registration with the American Kennel Club. Along with the puppy’s individual dog registration application, there will be no doubt that the breeder is selling an AKC-registrable puppy.

Breeders of record can order the Litter Certificate while registering the litter online or by checking the option on their paper litter registration application.

For further details, visit the online registration web page

at https://www.akc.org/dogreg/index.cfm

AKC Announces New Agility Invitational - Top Dogs in Each Breed Invited to Compete

New York, NY — TheAmerican Kennel Club is pleased to announce a new event sponsored by The Iams Company

  • the AKC Agility Invitational – which will be open to

dogs that attained the highest number of points in the Master Agility Champion title (MACH). The top-ranked American agility dogs in each of the AKC’s 153 registered breeds will be invited to attend this prestigious event along with top international dogs.

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