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OFA Listing


April - September 2005 Submitted by Linda Ford

OFA number interpretation - Example: AWS-234E36F - AWS=American Water Spaniel, 234=Ascending numerical order of normal individuals assigned a breed registry number, E=Phenotypic evaluation (E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair), 26=Age in months when evaluation was done, F=Sex of individual (female), T=Tattooed, PI=Permanent Identification, NOPI=No Permanent Identification. EL-Elbows, CA-Cardiac

Noma’s Half Caf-Decaf Mocha Latte WB’s Up Island Buccaneer Silver Falls Sundance Kid, CH Nighthawks Carolina You Go Girl,

SR 074328/02 SR 075845/06 SR 026674/08 SR 084105/03

Michael W. & Lisa M. Zarlenga David Todryk Jean & Duane Wright Lois H. & David McCracken

HRCH UH, WDX Noma’s Gentleman George Little Brownies Ellie Mae Wavecrest Easy Go Lucky Penny Wavecrest’s Beyond A Legend Beauchamp’s Dare to Dream

SR 083963/01 SR 066986/04 SN 915044/01 SR 100643/01 SN 866724/02

Mary E. Kangas Jeffrey & Karen Bonin Grover & Gerda Smith Lara & Richard Suesens Lorena & Grant Beauchamp

OFA Number

Hips AWS-516G26M-NOPI

AWS-517E24F-PI AWS-518F24M-PI AWS-519G34M-PI AWS-520G24F-PI

AWS-521G24M-NOPI AWS-522G27F-PI AWS-523G36F-PI AWS-524G24M-PI AWS-525G48F-PI

Reg. Number


SR 063214/01

Pamela/Kayla Kozak/Lori White

Registered Name

Kei-Rin’s Root’N Toot’N Cowboy, CH

Elbows AWS-EL33F27-PI AWS-EL34F36-PI

Little Brownies Ellie Mae Wavecrest Easy Go Lucky Penny

SR 066986/04 Jeffrey & Karen Bonin SN 915044/01 Grover & Gerda Smith

Kei-Rin’s Giddy-Up N’ Go, CH Mountain Star Electra, CH Nighthawks Carolina Nappy Brown,

SR 063214/02 SN 694481/01 SN 901068/03

HR, WD, CGC Mtnstar Silver Falls Cascade,CH,SD,RN Mountain Star Wind of Mariah Nighthawks Carolina You Go Girl

SR 026674/03 SR 114458/06 SR 084105/03

HRCH UH, WDX Silver Falls Sundance Kid, CH Little Brownies Cooki Cutter Noma’s Half Caf-Decaf Mocha Latte

SR 026674/08 SR 161124/06 SR 074328/02

Cardiac AWS-CA123/23F/C-NOPI AWS-CA124/63F/C-PI-Echo AWS-CA125/37M/S-PI

AWS-CA126/31F/C-PI AWS-CA127/19F/C-PI AWS-CA128/22F/S-PI

AWS-CA129/34M/P-PI AWS-CA130/14F/S-PI AWS-CA131/28F/C-PI

Pamela & Kayla Kozak Sharilee & Timothy Malik David & Lois McCracken

Sharilee & Timothy Malik Sharilee & Timothy Malik Lois H. & David McCracken

Jean & Duane Wright Paul & Lynn Morrison Michael & Lisa Zarlenga

SN 433427/03

Paul & Lynn Morrison

SN 441977/02

Paul & Lynn Morrison

SN 668712/03

Paul & Lynn Morrison

SR 161124/06

Paul & Lynn Morrison

Thyroid AWS-TH3/97F-PI AWS-TH5/96F-PI AWS-TH6/69F-PI AWS-TH14/12F-PI

Little Brownie Ceska Vino Kei-Rin’s Foxfire, CH Little Brownies Baci Little Brownies Cooki Cutter

American Water Spaniel Review


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