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New Title Holders

AWSC, Inc. Hunt Test

Started Dog (SD) EASTBAY WAHOO, SD, (Jet), {F}, 01-20-2005, Breeder: Haydee Kozich, By: JENKS JAVA ROAST OF SWAN LAKE x HR GAME CREEK WATERWAY KES, WD, Owner: Jack Davies, Title earned: 8/14/05 GAME CR WATERWAY KYLENDS LC MARY, SD, (Merry), {F}, 06-05-2002, Breeder: Pam Boyer/ David & Kelly P'Pool, By: BISS CH GAME CR WATERWAY JACK OF HEARTS, WD, x CH GAME CREEK'S FIONNUALA, CD SD, Owner: Avis Prior, Title earned: 8/14/05 MTN STAR LADY GENEVIVE, CD RA SD CGC, (Jenni), {F}, 05-22-2002, Breeder: Timothy and Sharilee Malik, By: CH MOUNTAIN STAR GALAXY ORION, x CH KOLKLEINE MTN STAR KITANA, Owner: Frank & Debra Parker, Title earned: 8/13/05 CH MTNSTAR SILVER FALLS CASCADE, RN SD, (Cassie), {F}, 07-14-2002, Breeder: Jean Wright / Teresa Marley, By: CH WISH'N WELL TARHEEL MARKSMAN, CD CGC, x CH JEANNIE'S DARK MOLASSES, CD SD CGC, Owner: Timothy and Sharilee Malik, Title earned: 8/14/05 NIGHT HAWKS COLOR-O-CLOVES, SD, (Chole ), {F}, 04-01-2003, Breeder: Jane E. Christiansen, By: NIGHTHAWKS SCHOKOLADEN HUND, SD, x NIGHTHAWKS SWEET SNICKER BAR, Owner: Jane E. Christiansen, Title earned: 8/13/05

Working Dog Superior (WDS) UH HRCH NIGHTHAWKS CAROLINA YOU GO GIRL, WDS CGC, (Gurley), {F}, 05- 18-2003, Breeder: Jane E. Christiansen, By: NIGHTHAWK'S WOODROW MCCALL, x NIGHT HAWKS BIT-O-CHOCOLATE, Owner: Lois McCracken, Title earned: 8/13/05


Started Hunting Retriever (SR) SR CEDAR CREEK COREY, {M}, 03-07-2003, Breeder: Bjorn Dahlen, By: CH BEAUCHAMP'S BUFFALO BILL, WD, x CIRCLEKRMOLLY, Owner: Frederick C. Dobler, Title Issued: 7/8/05

Working Hunting Retriever (WR) HR WR CH GAMECR WATERWAY JUST PLAIN 'OL, WD, (Justin), SN 857467/01, 6/7/2001, {M}, Breeder: Pamela Boyer / Linda Hattrem, By: UH HR SR CH GAME CREEK'S BARREL O'BOURBON, WDS CGC, x CH WATERWAY'S GAME CR BRINSLEY, CD SD, CGC, Owner: Susan Liemohn/Pam Boyer and Linda Hattrem, Title issued: 6/25/05

UKC Title

Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) UH HRCH NIGHTHAWKS CAROLINA YOU GO GIRL, WDX CGC, (Gurley), {F}, 05- 18-2003, Breeder: Jane E. Christiansen, By: NIGHTHAWK'S WOODROW MCCALL x NIGHT HAWKS BIT-O-CHOCOLATE, Owner: Lois McCracken. Title earned 6/4/05

When your dog earns an HRC title you will need to send a copy of your certificate to Patty St. Onge, 4835 S. Mill Loop Rd, Maple, WI 54854 to have your dogs accomplishment given credit and published in the AWSC, Inc. Review.

American Water Spaniel Review

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