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AWSC, Inc. Publishing Policy

The AWS Review is published two times a year by the American Water Spaniel Club, Inc. and is its official publication. The AWSC, Inc. is a Wisconsin non-profit corporation that was founded in 1985 to promote and develop the AWS. The AWSC, Inc. is recognized by the American Kennel Club as the parent club responsible for the development of the AWS in the United States.

The AWS Review Editor encourages everyone to submit articles of interest to our members. Please send your articles to: George Zenk, 6361 Hwy. 20, Webster, ND 58382. Articles printed in the AWS Review will be informative or educational. The editors use IBM compatible computers to edit and layout the AWS Review. If possible, please send your material on a CD or floppy disk and send a hard copy of your article. Check with the editor for the correct format. Articles may also be e-mailed to: zenk@stellarnet.com.

Articles, letters, or opinions appearing in the AWS Review do not necessarily express or reflect the views of the AWSC, Inc., the Board of Directors, the AWS Review nor its editors. Material that is contrary to the goals and policies of theAmerican Kennel Club and the AWSC, Inc. will not be printed. The AWS Review reserves the right to reasonably edit any material received. Letters to the Editor will be published that do not criticize any member of the club, his/her dogs or kennel or on the judging of any dog, but are of general interest to the members. Such letters that are acceptable must have the signature of the author and be limited to 300 words. This policy is not to be construed as forbidding opposing viewpoints or constructive criticism.

Though the AWS Review may publish registration numbers, ratings, listings, gradings, standings or other identifying information regarding AWS provided by our own statisticians and various other organizations, the AWSC, Inc. takes no responsibility for either their accuracy nor the method from which they were derived. Please notify the appropriate person if an error is discovered.

Items sent, whether advertising, photos or articles, must not require a signature (i.e. “Return Receipt Requested” or “Express Mail”). If you desire a receipt, include a self-addressed postcard which will be returned promptly to you.

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Advertising Policy

The listing of kennels in the Breeders Directory and advertising in the AWS Review by any organization or individual does not constitute an endorsement of that organization or individual by the AWSC, Inc.

Advertising that includes the terms OFA and CERF must include the OFA number and CERF number of all dogs listed. Brag/Win ads are for members only and cannot sell anything. A display ad is one that sells anything (puppies, stud service, adult dogs, product or service).

To advertise dogs and/or breeding services, one must be a current member of the AWSC, Inc. for at least one year prior to the month of publication. The AWS Review has the right to accept or reject any and all forms of advertising that do not fall within the stated goals and objectives of the club. The Editor can not be expected to return long distance phone calls regarding advertising due to the high cost. Special pages available on a first come-first served basis.

Advertising Tips

Type or clearly print all advertising copy. Capitalize only the things you want in capital letters. Label your photo on the back with name of dog, your name and address. Include cropping instructions. Mail your photos marked “Photos - Do NOT bend” and use a photo mailing envelope or cardboard for protection. For best reproduction, photos must be clear and have good contrast. If no instructions are given, photo will be cropped to dog only.


American Water Spaniel Review


Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31 each year. Renewals are due by January 1. Your membership will lapse if dues remain unpaid 45 days after they are due. To obtain a membership application, con- tact Patty St. Onge, 4835 South Mill Loop Road, Maple, WI 54854. Join the club de- voted to promoting all aspects of the Ameri- can Water Spaniel and open to all fanciers of the breed.

Address Changes

Please send address and phone number changes to Patty St. Onge, 4835 South Mill Loop Road, Maple, WI 54854.


If you are competing outside of the U.S. or in UKC, NAHRA, HRC (part of UKC, etc.) we need a copy of the certificate or other veri- fication of your dog’s accomplishments. For conformation, obedience, agility, and anyAKC honor that is not published, send your infor- mation to Lori J. White. For hunting tests, please send verification to Patty St. Onge. The information will be forwarded so it can be included in the newsletter.

© Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part without written permission of the American Water Spaniel Club, Inc. is prohib- ited.

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