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Are You Interested In Some Training Tips?

We are considering putting together a Water Spaniel training weekend near the end of April or early to mid May near Bismarck ND at the Glencoe Farm and Kennels. The training sessions would be conducted by Paul McGagh, Vicky Thomas, and Mike Delaney. We would try and structure it so that you would be able to spend time working on approximately three or four training issues during the Saturday and Sunday sessions. Enrollment will probably be limited to 12 or 14 dogs and there will be a fee of approximately $50.00 to $75.00 per dog. (exact cost not yet established).

Following you will find a survey form and we would ask that you rank order the training issues that you are interested in and then make a copy of the completed survey form and return it to: George Zenk, 6361 Hwy. 20, Webster, ND 58382

Vice Presidents Report

By Linda Ford

First of all, I want to welcome Martha Sbarbori and David McCracken to the Board. We will all get to know each other well before this next year is over. There is a lot of work to be completed for the Club so we will have a lot of communication.

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard before and during the National Specialty. There is a lot of work and organization to make these four days of Nationals come together so everyone can have a good time.

It was great seeing old friends and meeting some of the new members of the club. I really enjoyed taking my 9 month old female (Crystal) through the CGC test that Jan Heck handled and the Rally demonstration that Frank & Deb Parker and Sharilee Malik set up and worked us through it. It proved to me Rally is a great place to start in obedience because you can talk to the dog and it isn’t as rigid as obedience. After completing that you will be well on your way to going to the strict obedience world.

Survey Form Please rank order the following training issues that are of interest to you, with 1 being the most important.

After I got home I found out that Fran Anderson (a member here in California) had passed away. I knew she had been sick for quite some time but I hadn’t realized how bad she had become in the last few months. My condolences are with her family and friends.

_____Bird planting _____Delivery to hand _____Water entry _____Exposure to gunshot _____Basic obedience _____Steadiness to shot _____Steadiness to flush _____Honoring _____Quartering _____Basic handling _____Heeling _____Teaching the double mark _____Teaching the blind retrieve _____Delayed or distracting double _____Teaching “over” _____Teaching “back” _____Oher_________________________________________________ _____Oher_________________________________________________ _____Oher_________________________________________________ _____Oher_________________________________________________

The first RCT was run at Nationals which made for long days. By the Nationals next year, the AWSC Hunt Tests should be in line with the RCT so running them will also qualify you for the RCT. This will be a great time saver and running the hunt tests will qualify you for the AWSC title as well as the qualifying RCTs for your AKC Spaniel Hunt Test title. Some people have already run the AKC Spaniel Tests and are just waiting on approval from AKC for the RCT to be approved. It will be great to see some additional hunt test titles on our breed. It will also give more people an opportunity to see an American Water Spaniel work.

If you took some great photos at the Nationals, don’t forget to send a copy of them to the Library. These pictures will be our history so let’s be sure to add them.

Would you attend the training seminar?





What would be your preferred weekend in April or May? ___________

American Water Spaniel Review


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