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Subject Awards

First and Second Highest in Each

Hist World War II-online (HON) (1st) Nicholas Rein (2nd) Adam Klever

Organic Chemistry (HON) (1st) Braden Bauer (2nd) Zachary Neyer

Intro Comp Graphics (CP1) (1st) Andrew Hammer (1st) Joseph Henderson (2nd) Spencer Kohorst

Journalism 1 (CP1) (1st) Troy Suter (2nd) Michael Periatt

Percussion 4 (HON) (1st) Michael Fladung

Personal Finance (CP1) (1st) Maxwell Belza (2nd) Michael Periatt

Photography (CP1) (1st) Joseph Middleton

Journalism 2 (CP1) (1st) Neil Fredrickson (2nd) Alexander Hider

Latin 3 (HON) (1st) Joshua Wedzikowski (2nd) Michael Nypaver

Latin 4 (HON) (1st) Patrick Foos (2nd) Samuel Beyer

Marketing (CP1) (1st) Maxwell Belza (2nd) Joshua Wedzikowski

Physical Education 1-2 (CP1) (1st) Jordan Smith (1st) Alexander Stagge (1st) Robert Sunderman

Physics (AP) (1st) Troy Suter (2nd) Peter Bruns

Physics (CP1) (1st) Kevin Carroll (1st) Thomas DeVore (1st) Elliot Ebel (2nd) David Griffith

Men's Chorus 4 (CP1) (1st) Patrick Matthews (1st) Benjamin Nichols (2nd) Steven Kuhlman (2nd) Tyson Layman (2nd) Jeffrey Rogers

Men's Vocal Ensemble (HON) (1st) Kevin Carroll (2nd) Jay Bradley Josephson (2nd) Jonathan Smith (2nd) David Wiesenberg

Pre-Calculus (CP1) (1st) David Griffith (2nd) Zachary Radcliff

Pre-Calculus (HON) (1st) Maxwell Belza (2nd) Kevin Carroll (2nd) Robert Sunderman

Psychology (AP) (1st) Maxwell Belza (1st) Troy Suter (2nd) Joseph Breitenbach

Modern Presidency (CP1) (1st) Trent Williford (2nd) Andrew Asgian (2nd) Jonathan Smith


Rec. PE 1-2 (CP1) (1st) Joshua Burandt (2nd) Patrick Crace (2nd) Elliot Ebel (2nd) Moritz Steinert (2nd) Ryan Tepe

Religion 4 (CP1) (1st) Maxwell Belza (1st) Spencer Hidy (1st) Gregory Wright (2nd) Joshua Burandt (2nd) Elliot Ebel (2nd) Pierce Harger

Religion 4 Humanities (HON-2) (1st) Joseph Breitenbach (2nd) Peter Bruns (2nd) Thomas DeVore (2nd) Nicholas Rein

Sociology (CP1) (1st) Kyle Davidson (2nd) Aaron Doppes

Spanish 4 (HON) (1st) David Griffith (1st) Mitchell Kremer (2nd) Thomas DeVore

Spanish 5 (HON) (1st) Peter Bruns

Studio Art 4 and Design (AP) (1st) Christian Cagle (1st) Thomas DeVore (1st) Alexander Giehl (2nd) Kirtland Hobler

Study Skills 4 (CP2) (1st) Michael Wanner (2nd) Joseph Veneziano

Terrorism (CP1) (1st) Griffin McKenzie (1st) Jeffrey Tanner

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