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v7.6 Release Notes for Websense Email Security Gateway

Topic 70005 / Updated: 28-Apr-2011

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Websense Email Security Gateway v7.6 Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere v7.6

This release of Websense® TRITON™ Enterprise introduces Websense Email Security Gateway, an important addition to the Websense Web, Data, and Email Security solution set. Email Security Gateway provides maximum protection for email systems to prevent malicious threats from entering an organization’s network and protect sensitive data from unauthorized email transmission.

Email Security Gateway provides comprehensive on-premises email security hosted on a Websense V-Series appliance (V10000 G2 and V5000 G2). Each email message is scanned by a robust set of antivirus and antispam filters to prevent infected email from entering the network. Domain and IP address based message routing ensures reliable, accurate delivery of email. Inbound, outbound, and internal email policies can be applied to specified sets of senders and recipients. Data loss prevention policies are used to scan mail and attachments so that valuable company data is not mishandled.

The value of Email Security Gateway is apparent as soon as the module is opened. A Today page displays data collected since midnight of the current day, showing the total message volume processed and the number of messages blocked by Email Security. System alerts covering the same period of time are readily available. Up to 4 status charts may be selected for display, summarizing email activity at a glance. The History page provides similar statistics for the previous 30-day period.

A subscription to Websense Email Security Gateway Anywhere adds support for a hybrid service pre-filtering capability “in the cloud,” which scans incoming email against a database of known spam. This feature can save network bandwidth and maintenance costs by dropping spam before it ever reaches an organization’s network.

Integration with Websense Data Security provides valuable protection for an organization’s most sensitive data. Policies configured in the Data Security module can detect the presence of sensitive data and block the release of that data. Data Security can also determine whether a message should be encrypted and pass the message to an encryption server.

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