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  • Appliance clustering

  • Personal Email Manager

TRITON integration

With this release, Email Security Gateway joins a suite of Web and Data Security modules in Websense TRITON Enterprise. The Web Security, Data Security, and Email Security modules are displayed in a single user interface, the TRITON Unified Security Center console. Appliance management, LDAP user directory specification, and administrator creation are controlled in the TRITON console. Availability of individual Web, Data, and Email Security modules depends on the subscription key used.

Users access the TRITON console with a single login to manage the functionality provided by the Web Security, Data Security, and Email Security modules. For information on the TRITON console, see the TRITON Unified Security Center Help.

Hybrid service integration

A subscription to Email Security Gateway Anywhere includes the hybrid service “in the cloud” pre-filtering capability. The hybrid service prevents malicious email traffic from entering a company’s network by:

  • Dropping a connection request based on the reputation of the IP address of the request

  • Scanning inbound email against a database of known spam and viruses, and dropping any message that matches a database entry

The hybrid service may also share spam and virus detection information by writing extended headers in the mail it sends to Email Security Gateway. The additional header information includes a spam/virus detection “score,” which Email Security then uses to determine message disposition.

You must mark the Use hybrid service scanning results check box on the Main > Filters > Add Filter or Edit Filter page to enable hybrid service spam/virus scoring. This option is visible only when the hybrid service is configured and running. When hybrid service spam/hybrid scoring is not enabled, Email Security Gateway performs its own antispam and antivirus scans.

The hybrid service does not provide a detailed log of the messages it drops. However, users can generate reports in Email Security Gateway showing the total number of messages processed and dropped by the hybrid service (Main > Status > Presentation Reports). Today and History page charts (Main > Status > Today or History) summarize hybrid service message volume and size.

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